Republican attorneys general mount a new attack on the EPA’s use of civil rights law

Twenty-three states want the Biden administration's EPA to curtail its approach to environmental justice.

Gulf Coast carbon capture gets $1 billion boost from Biden administration

Texas and Louisiana are slated for largest-ever investment in direct air capture as part of an initiative that aims to build a nationwide network of large-scale carbon removal sites to mitigate the climate crisis.

Louisiana’s Landmark Climate Adaptation Program Is Running Out of Time

“We can rebuild a piece of marsh, but in 30 years, that may be the only piece of marsh there.”

Pushback on Louisiana’s Scuttled Abortion Bill Reveals a Limit on How Far Anti-abortion Groups Are Willing To Go

The law would have classified abortion as a homicide, which was a 'bridge too far' for Louisiana lawmakers, said one expert.

States Use Hurricane Ida Damage to Push Infrastructure Bill

Governors of both parties are lobbying Congress to ensure resilience measures are included.

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We’re Hitting the Limits of Hurricane Preparedness

Cities simply don’t have enough time to run from a storm like Ida.

Two States Have Killed the ‘Tampon Tax,’ But Advocates Want More

Bans on taxing menstrual products are growing around the country. Advocates are cheering the victories, but they want legislatures to take faster action because of the ongoing effects of the pandemic.

How Two Local Governments Got Covid Vaccination Registrations Right

From system failures to overbooked appointments, the technology many governments relied on to manage vaccinations crashed and burned. But New Orleans and Dallas County found software that worked.

Are Plastic Driver's Licenses Headed For the Dumpster?

Utah is one of nearly two dozen states exploring digital driver’s licenses, stored on smartphones, that state officials say come with enhanced privacy and control.

Wyoming’s Flood of Anti-Abortion Bills Reveal What’s Happening Across the Country, Experts say

Wyoming has filed eight anti-abortion bills this session, a record number in recent history for the state legislature.

High Obesity Rates in Southern States Magnify Covid Threat

In the American South, obesity is playing a role not only in covid outcomes, but in the calculus of the vaccination rollout.

In Alabama, South Carolina and Louisiana, CVS Vaccine Appointments Go Unfilled

“We know we have work to do to engage with the community to get the word out about the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine,” says one public health expert.

How Agencies in One State Struggled With the Transition to Telework

Less than one-fifth of state employees in Louisiana had ever worked remotely before the pandemic, and with no consistent work-from-home policy or guidelines in place, agencies had a hard time helping them do it, according to an audit.

Air Quality Regulators in 'Cancer Alley' Have Fallen Dangerously Behind

An audit found that the time it takes the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality to issue penalties to polluters has doubled. Some companies that have been known to violate air quality rules were able to keep at it for years, or even decades.

Timing of Covid-19 Vaccine for Health Care Workers Depends on Where They Live

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Kansas and Missouri plan to rely on the honor system to comply with priority distribution of coronavirus vaccines ... Employees in one Louisiana city will receive a one-time lump-sum hazard payment ... Indiana lawmakers hope to shield businesses from Covid-19 lawsuits.

Shortened Census Led to an Incomplete Count in Some Areas

Parts of Louisiana and the Navajo Nation face the biggest gaps.

First Came the Floods. Then Came the Polling Place Changes.

Baton Rouge's 2016 floods offers 2020 coronavirus parallels.

Gulf Coast Advocates Call for a Halt in Immigration Enforcement in Wake of Hurricane Laura

Advocates for undocumented immigrants say that migrants are less like to access evacuation help or emergency aid when they fear deportation.

Hurricane Laura Pummels Southwest Louisiana, Leaving Trail of Destruction

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | FBI to investigate Kenosha police shooting ... Florida could reinstate food stamp requirements ... Wyoming makes $250 million in budget cuts, including to health department.

Hurricane Laura Forecast to Become Category 4 Storm As Thousands Flee Gulf Coast Communities

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | Family says Jacob Blake is paralyzed after being shot by Kenosha police … A state attorney general resigns … Maryland to audit unusual agency severance practices.