Electric Cargo Bikes Are Debuting in City Fleets

Under a pilot program, parks employees in Portland, Oregon will conduct trail maintenance using zero-emission bikes that were specifically designed for municipal employees.

In a Bid to Save Local Restaurants, Cities Open Streets and Parking Lots to Outdoor Dining

The popular "Streatery" program in Madison, Wisconsin could extend beyond its current October end date.

Planting a Habitat for Pollinators on City Streets

A pollinator protection task force in Madison, Wisconsin led to a median-planting project designed to provide a friendly environment for bees and butterflies.

‘If You Elect to Be on the Roads, You Must Make Good Choices’

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Florida governor’s teacher bonus proposal … Louisville pension worries … and Pittsburgh’s mayor has an evening hobby.

Bringing Art to Public Utility Boxes

The city of Madison, Wisconsin is expanding a program that decorates utility boxes with designs by local artists.

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Wisconsin City to Offer Mini-Bonds to Residents

Mini-bonds are similar to traditional municipal bonds, but on a smaller scale.

What a Wisconsin Mayor Learned From a Disaster Recovery Trip to Puerto Rico

“While the tens of millions of dollars are not there to do anything of any great size, there is the potential to start small and build an economy around local residents,” Madison Mayor Paul Soglin told Route Fifty.

Wisconsin Mayor Fears Concessions on DACA Could Threaten Other Immigrants

“We’re not willing to trade DACAs for their parents, DACAs for their siblings, DACAs for a wall,” according to Madison’s Paul Soglin.

In Madison, a Low-Tech Idea to Use Buses as a Traffic Enforcement Tool

Should law enforcement piggy-back on moving transit vehicles to get a bird’s-eye view of adjacent driver behavior?

Route Fifty Roadmap: Exploring Wisconsin’s State Capitol Building

The Badger State’s current seat of government was born out of a mixture of disaster, bad luck and hubris.

Defining Civic Data Standards and Bringing Clarity to Them

Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Government Excellence wants help from cities to refine their definitions and identify more standards.