Florida Lifts Covid Restrictions on Bars and Restaurants, While Prohibiting Local Mask Penalties

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | Alaskan wildlife officials responding to more bear calls … Court cases could recognize more reservations in Oklahoma … New York City to allow al fresco dining past the end of October.

State, Local Disagreements About Coronavirus Funding Boil Over

In Miami-Dade County, officials with the city of Miami are threatening a possible lawsuit, saying the county has shortchanged them. County officials say they need to be conservative with the limited funding.

Across the Country, Local Officials Hope New Rules Will Help Parks Reopen Safely

Dozens of municipalities are reopening park facilities, but requiring that visitors wear masks and adhere to social distancing to continue to fight the spread of Covid-19.

Poop, Screams and Divebombing Birds: How One City Plans to Deal With a Peacock Problem

The Miami City Commission will begin humanely trapping and relocating peacocks from one neighborhood after years of complaints from residents.

Introducing Resident-Centered Autonomous Vehicle Pilots

The Knight Foundation aims to take projects out of the hands of car companies in five cities.

City in Florida Makes Scooter Intruders Think Twice

Barging into town unannounced can have competitive consequences.

Disaster Risk and Economic Growth Create Uncomfortable Questions for Civic Boosters

ANALYSIS: Suitors seeking Amazon’s 2nd headquarters should ask themselves: How resilient is their city or region?

As Hurricane Irma Heads North, Officials Urge Floridians to Stay Put

Storm surge swamps low-lying areas as high winds cut power to millions and damage buildings across the Sunshine State.

When Hurricane Warnings Are Lost in Translation

With Irma looming, organizations are hitting some roadblocks in getting information out to Floridians who don’t speak English.

Booming Miami Is Littered with Tower Cranes Not Built to Withstand a Massive Hurricane

"The arm's counterbalance is very heavy and poses a potential danger if the crane collapses."

In ‘Sanctuary City’ Remarks, Sessions Contrasts Miami-Dade County With Chicago

As the Trump administration looks to tie immigration enforcement compliance to federal grant funding, the U.S. attorney general continues to grumble about the nation’s third-largest city.

Neighborhood Group Fights David Beckham’s Stadium Ambitions

STATE AND LOCAL NEWS ROUNDUP | Some good pensions-related news for a change; voters reject plan to disband Michigan village; and the ACLU sues Maine’s governor.

Zika Threat Prompts New Mosquito Spraying Effort in Miami

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: New York City's "Summer of Hell" starts with a sigh of relief; a serious water shortage on Hawaii’s Big Island; and Texas legislative leaders prep for special session.

Why Miami Was a Perfect Gateway for Zika

The virus showed up months—or even years—before anyone realized it was there.

The Supreme Court Rules Cities Can Be Victims of Housing Discrimination

Miami’s lawsuit against Bank of America and Wells Fargo now returns to a federal appeals court in Atlanta.

Mapping Miami’s Flood Risk and Other Resiliency Challenges

An important question facing communities in South Florida: “How do we get the right information we need to inform changes in building codes and prioritizing infrastructure for investment?”

5 Cities Take Smart City Planning to the Next Level

From engaging underserved populations to preparing for climate change’s most devastating effects, these cities have their work cut out for them.

Trump’s Immigration Executive Order Gives Some Local Governments Pause

Miami-Dade County leads a flurry of jurisdictions distancing themselves from “sanctuary city” status for fear of losing federal grant money.