Inside the Department of Labor’s collaboration with New Jersey to overhaul unemployment programs

A new application for unemployment claims in the Garden State marks the result of a years-long federal effort to help states modernize their jobless aid efforts.

The key to filling IT talent gaps? Invest in your current workforce.

COMMENTARY | Retaining IT talent requires more than just competitive pay and defined career paths.

Mobile hunting, fishing licenses streamline conservation management

Minnesota’s new system will replace a paper-based license purchase and harvest registration process, saving staff time and improving customer service.

From paper to portal: How one city brought tax filings online

Under an aggressive modernization strategy, Columbus, Ohio, has built a one-stop shop for filing income tax returns.

How the procurement process can help agencies acquire responsible AI

Buying artificial intelligence is not just about setting new policies to manage emerging technology, but applying tried-and-true processes, one expert says.

Connect with state & local government leaders

No longer just nice to have: Data literacy essential to digital government

While more data-mature cities are seeing payoffs from upskilling staff, even small gains can make a big difference.

Unwinding the public health emergency: Medicaid agencies should slow down to speed up

COMMENTARY | States that take the time to strategically adjust their staffing, processes and technology could ultimately speed up the Medicaid redetermination process.

How to hire faster in the public sector

COMMENTARY | By rethinking its recruitment processes, technology and organization, one city cut the time it took to fill vacancies by 38% in two years.

Cloud a ‘game-changer’ for health insurance marketplace

When California’s health insurance marketplace migrated to the cloud, it cut costs, improved consumer experience and gained the ability to scale to demand.

New life for old coal: Mine lands and power plants are hot renewable development spots

Converting old coal plants to renewable energy storage sites can set states up for job creation and increased tax revenue, one observer says.

Government runs on a 64-year-old language. Could AI help change that?

COBOL is still relied on for many essential services. But as experts in the language retire, states are looking at new technologies and ways to change workplace culture to help ease the transition away from it.

Lessons from one state’s effort to modernize its criminal justice system

New York’s sweeping 2020 law sought to accelerate pre-trial processes with technology upgrades. But the state’s experience offers lessons for other jurisdictions undertaking similar efforts to modernize the justice system.

Introducing the 2023 Rising Stars

Route Fifty is proud to participate in the Rising Star Awards, a program that recognizes innovative, early-career individuals who are already having an outsized impact in the government IT community.

Feds hope more data access will improve states’ SNAP delivery

The U.S. Agriculture Department is working to help states address card skimming and other persistent problems in the SNAP program.

Cloud adoption essential, but still challenging

Pittsburgh has racked up some early successes with its cloud migration, but a combination of limited finances, technical debt and the need to educate employees slows progress.

State leaders count up modernization wins

Tech leaders say gains in system processing speeds, security and customer experience make the case for modernization.

The future of government is (still) digital

More than 20 years after a report foresaw a government dominated by digital services, an update finds that a lack of tech savvy workers and funding are hampering efforts to realize that vision.

State CIOs look ahead to a collaborative, automated future

A survey of state technology leaders found that the CIO role has evolved from one concerned with building a state’s own tech infrastructure to one focused on acting as a broker of services. The change comes amid increasing automation, use of AI and cybersecurity challenges.

The money's out the door in nationwide unemployment insurance modernization push

A Labor Department official said efforts to help states modernize their UI systems are trending in the right direction, but funding may be insufficient.

Three years since the start of the pandemic, unemployment insurance fraud is still a multibillion dollar problem

Several states have recently reported increases in fraudulent claims. After spending hundreds of millions of dollars to upgrade systems, emerging threats are putting pressure on states to modernize even further.