In Some States, Unemployment Stays Stubbornly High

Despite rebounds in some states, millions remain unemployed with no job prospects.

Women Outnumber Men in The Nevada Legislature. What Difference Does it Make?

Nevada has the only legislature with more women than men in both chambers. Some academics are studying what that representation means.

Trump Campaign, Republican Party Sue Nevada Over Expanded Vote-by-Mail

President Trump has claimed that sending all voters an absentee ballot will make “it impossible for Republicans to win the state.”

A Blueprint for How State Leaders Can Achieve Better Results

COMMENTARY | Data and evidence can help state policymakers make thoughtful decisions on public health, economics, equity and other issues.

A Governor Proposes Furlough Days, Some Layoffs to Help Balance Budget

Nevada is looking for ways to bridge a massive revenue shortfall brought on by the coronavirus.

The States With the Worst Job Losses

Labor Department data released on Friday shows the states with the highest unemployment rates in April, and how many jobs were lost that month as the coronavirus upended the economy.

There Are No Zombie Deer in Nevada. State Officials Want to Keep It That Way

Wildlife officials in Nevada are committed to preventing chronic wasting disease from infecting state populations of deer.

‘Storm Area 51’ Could Be a Disaster for Lincoln County

The Facebook event may have started in jest, but local officials are bracing for mayhem.

Moving Toward Taxing Motorists by the Mile

Nevada will begin collecting odometer readings from drivers this fall, the first step of determining whether a "pay by mile" tax policy would work in the state.

New Democratic Majorities Lead to Rush of Bills—and Conflict

With new trifectas, Democratic leaders in six states had the opportunity to push through many new laws. But there were also clashes, both internally and with Republicans.

Over 20,000 State Employees are About to Gain Collective Bargaining Rights

Nevada state employees haven’t been able to collectively bargain through unions. That’s on the cusp of changing.

Six States to Craft Election Security Plans Through National Academy

The National Governors Association-sponsored policy academy will help officials from Arizona, Hawaii, Idaho, Minnesota, Nevada and Virginia devise communications and response plans to deploy if their election systems come under attack.

Nevada Governor Vetoes Popular Vote Effort

The bill would have directed Nevada's six electoral college votes to the winner of the national popular vote in presidential elections.

Florida Moves to Allow Teachers to Carry Guns

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Baltimore mayor resigns … New election machines in North Dakota … Marijuana lounges become legal in Las Vegas.

Congress Could Could Move Quickly on Drought Contingency Plan for Colorado River

Seven states submitted their agreements on March 19 with water officials asking for action before the end of April.

Setting the Tone for Their Tenures as Governors

A sampling of 5 inauguration speeches from the newly sworn-in governors of California, Minnesota, Nevada, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

For the First Time, a U.S. State Will Have a Majority-Female Legislature

The change comes during a year when women candidates had a strong showing at the state and federal levels.

‘Dead Pool’ Water Scenario for Colorado River Prompts Big Spending in Vegas

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Mo. police chief responds to CNN rape-kit investigation … Texas AG sues San Antonio … and Vt. irked by N.H. inaction.

Population Growth Doesn’t Equal Wage Growth in These Cities

Nationwide there are 10 metro areas whose populations grew more than 30 percent since 2000—almost twice the national average for metros—but whose per-capita income grew less than half the U.S. average.

When the Honors System Short-Changes State Parks

An audit found that one-third of park visitors in this state didn’t pay an entrance fee.