New York City

NYC Fire Department Calls for Help to Prevent Doxing

The department is looking for cybersecurity services to help it protect its employees from having personally identifiable information exposed.

Can New York Court and Regulate the Crypto Industry at the Same Time?

Some state lawmakers are making enemies in the cryptocurrency industry as New York City Mayor Eric Adams tries to woo it.

NYC Faces Fiscal Disaster if Officials Think They Can Do It All

COMMENTARY | Undisciplined management and a spending spree in Mayor Eric Adams’ upcoming fiscal year 2023 budget will set the city back.

How Do You Plant More Trees in New York City? Give Them Away

In one Brooklyn neighborhood, saplings were available for residents to grab and plant in their own yards ahead of Earth Day.

6 in 10 NYC Residents Say Life Would be Better Outside the City

A new poll also suggests Mayor Eric Adams’ crime policies have widespread support.

Cities With the Most and Least Expensive Apartment Rents

New York City tops the list of most expensive while Wichita, Kansas offers the lowest rent, according to a recent report.

NYC Employees Eyeing the Exits as Mayor Insists on In-person Work

Mayor Eric Adams has been adamant that workers come into their offices full time. But municipal employees looking for remote work flexibility warn of a morale crisis and service slowdowns.

Nearly 500 US Cities Have Average Home Prices of $1M

Roughly 150 cities were added to a list of places where house prices topped $1 million in 2021, according to a new report.

Local Lawmakers Plead for Federal Help in New York’s Gun Violence Crisis

Federal legislation, funding and coordination are part of a range of proposals to stop the flow of illegal guns into New York.

Biden to Launch Federal Covid-19 Testing Centers, New Federally Run Vaccination Sites

The White House again ups federal agency deployments to confront the pandemic and the surging Omicron variant.

NYC’s Supervised Injection Sites Face Pushback

A Republican New York congresswoman has introduced a bill to defund the “Overdose Prevention Centers.”

New York City Gives 800K+ Noncitizens the Right to Vote

As the City Council passes a historic voting rights bill, advocates look to ensure its successful implementation.

New York City Expands Covid-19 Vaccine Mandate to All Private Employers

The new requirement will take effect Dec. 27, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Monday.

Mental Health Disorders Qualify You for a Covid-19 Booster. It’s Unclear How Many People Know That.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention made the change a month ago, but finding the information online can be tricky.

Localities Pose Stricter Rules on E-Scooter Use, But Challenges Remain

After a pandemic-induced dip, scooter ridership is on the rise again, rekindling concerns about safety and other issues.

Introducing Route Fifty's Infrastructure Update

In this first edition of our new weekly newsletter, we look at the implications of the November election results on infrastructure issues around the U.S.

'I did it.' Eric Adams Becomes New York City Mayor at Last

The city’s second Black mayor will inherit a host of problems Bill de Blasio leaves behind.

Thousands of City Workers Suspended Without Pay Over Vaccine Noncompliance

About 91% of New York City’s municipal workforce is vaccinated, but the police and fire departments are getting vaccinated at lower rates.

Mental Health Teams Increasingly Dispatched to Answer 911 Calls

Clinicians are showing up in situations once handled by police. There are signs the efforts are leading to fewer arrests and helping to connect people in crisis with needed services.