New York State

States Seek to Clarify If Forgiven Student Loans Will be Taxed

President Biden's loan forgiveness plan could result in additional tax liability in at least six states, according to a think tank. But officials in some places are taking steps to ensure the canceled debt doesn't count as income.

Elected Officials Past ‘Child-bearing Age’ Bristle at Lawmaker's Tweet

A New York state senator suggested older officials won’t fight as hard for reproductive rights. It reignited a longtime debate over what ageism looks like for people who hold political office.

New York State Pumps the Brakes on Crypto Mining

With the value of cryptocurrency dropping and environmental concerns moving front and center, New York considers a two-year pause on fossil-fuel powered crypto mining operations.

The New Yorkers Who Moved to Florida

A roundup of celebrities and politicians who headed south to the Sunshine State.

'We Battled to Get That Food Store': What the Tops Supermarket Meant to Buffalo’s Black Community

The racist mass shooting has left a deep scar at a symbol of resilience on the city’s east side.

Police Could Have Used New York’s Red Flag Law to Stop the Buffalo Shooting Suspect

State police said they did not file for a protection order under the law after they were called to the accused shooter’s school, where they reportedly investigated a “murder-suicide” threat he made.

New York’s Once-booming Oil Industry and the Risky Wells It Left Behind

Western New York towns were built around oil production. Now, they’re grappling with the remnants of a declining industry.

Can New York Court and Regulate the Crypto Industry at the Same Time?

Some state lawmakers are making enemies in the cryptocurrency industry as New York City Mayor Eric Adams tries to woo it.

The States Where Motorists Pay the Most for Auto Insurance

A new report also looks at the places where rates are the highest compared to income.

An Invasive 'Jumping' Worm Spreads in the US, Threatening Forests

The worm is now showing up in multiple states. Its voracious eating habits could harm native wildlife and plants. Scientists say there isn't a way to combat the pest on a widespread scale.

The New Buffalo Bills Stadium Is One of the Worst Deals for Taxpayers

COMMENTARY | Study after study has shown that stadiums are terrible public investments. Taxpayers rarely want to pay for them. So why do governments keep subsidizing them?

States Expand Efforts to Squash Spread of Dangerous Insect

The invasive spotted lanternfly kills many crops and trees and can cause a state hundreds of millions of dollars annually. Several states are sounding the alarm and quarantining more counties.

New York Lt. Gov. Brian Benjamin Resigns Following Federal Indictment

The Harlem Democrat pleaded not guilty Tuesday to multiple corruption charges related to his 2021 campaign for New York City comptroller.

New York Lieutenant Governor Arrested

Prosecutors say Brian Benjamin was involved in a bribery conspiracy as a state senator.

Why Economists Called Gov. Kathy Hochul’s $850 Million Buffalo Bills Deal a ‘Boondoggle’

The New York agreement would be the largest public funding of a sports stadium in U.S. history.

A Proposal to Use $850M in Taxpayer Money for NFL Stadium

New York state legislators have yet to weigh in on whether they’ll approve the governor's funding plan for the Buffalo Bills stadium before the April 1 deadline.

A Call for a Gas Tax Suspension as Biden Bans Russian Oil

New York Republican state lawmakers previously proposed halting the state's gas tax to alleviate the effects of inflation.

One State's New Unionization Movement

Starbucks, newsrooms and farms are some of the places in New York where organizing is beginning to take hold.

How One State Wants To Invest in Child Care Like It’s Tesla

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul is proposing to spend billions on economic development programs that critics want to allocate to social programs.