Grandfathering Norfolk’s Imaginary Parking Spaces; Feds Reverse Stance on Texas Voter ID Rules

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: Michigan E-Verify proposal for contractors; battle over Boston’s iconic Citgo sign; and carving out exceptions for Kentucky truck weight rules.

Case Study: How Norfolk Streamlined Construction Management

One of the last industries to adopt new technology, the field is seeing a much needed boost in productivity.

Virginia Beach Official Faces Millennial Backlash Over Transit Comments

As local officials debate the merits extending The Tide light rail line, the time is ticking on state funding that’s been made available for the project.

Harsher Storms and Rising Waters Are Forcing Norfolk to Sink or Adapt

Accommodating the future in Tidewater Virginia and beyond: “As waters rise, all coastal communities are going to face what we’re facing right now.”