Open Data

Access to public records is 'deteriorating terribly'

In a time when trust in state and local government is under siege, public access to information is particularly vital.

After George Floyd’s murder, more states require release of police disciplinary records

Lawmakers and advocates say open data on police disciplinary records would boost transparency, accountability and the ability to identify patterns of misconduct in law enforcement agencies.

A Closer Look at ID Verification Across State Benefits Applications

The Digital Benefits Network’s open dataset details the identity proofing requirements of 158 applications for benefits programs.

Building better maps with open data on building heights

To inform broadband buildouts, positioning of solar panels and development of digital twins, state and local agencies can now tap into open building height data.

Camera, sensor, drone data lights up disaster response

ALERTCalifornia’s network will provide actionable natural disaster data for public safety agencies and researchers responding to wildfires, floods, landslides and other climate-driven events.

Connect with state & local government leaders

One city’s unexpected open-data benefits

Phoenix’s open data portal inspired residents to develop solutions for parking and urban heat on their own, the mayor says.

Climate projections everyone can understand

The Climate Risk and Resilience portal gives emergency managers nontechnical climate datasets and high-resolution, forward-looking climate insights.

A strategy for ethical, responsible release of public data

Agencies must balance access and privacy when deciding which data should be made public and how, according to a recent report.

25 Emerging Tech Trends Government Leaders Should Watch

The selected technologies in the 2022 Gartner Hype Cycle feature immersive tech, accelerated artificial intelligence and innovation around how products and services are built.

Cities Should Bridge the Digital Divide Using Federal Funds

A new report from the National League of Cities says while most local leaders are aware of their communities' broadband issues, they may not know how to fix the inequities.

Demographic, economic census data for COVID-19 response

The Census Bureau has launched a resource page that highlights demographic and economic data decision-makers can use for more effective response to the pandemic.

Hackers are now targeting councils and governments, threatening to leak citizen data

Rather than denying victims access to their hostage data, leakware attackers threaten to publish citizens’ sensitive information online.

Mapping the Digital Curb

A data mobility company released an open-data initiative that maps the physical features of curbs in six cities, with the goal of reducing congestion and improving accessibility.

US takes tentative steps toward opening up government data

The federal government would benefit from considering lessons learned from open government activities in other countries and at state and local levels.

Open data, AI apps shine at Census demo day

Agencies, industry and individuals presented digital tools using open federal data and artificial intelligence at the March 1 demo day.

Pushing municipal finance toward open data

Machine-readable financial data would allow citizens to keep an eye on spending, streamline municipal bond financing and help local governments meet their reporting requirements.

The Case For Embracing Transparency

COMMENTARY | It's time to rethink and reframe our approach to public records.

Beyond transparency: Why open data is good for local government

Open financial data can make it less expensive for municipalities to borrow money and easier report compliance information.

NYC puts open data to work

A new report, NYC Data at Work, highlights how open data powers government efficiency in New York City.

When data pays: Alaska provides access to oil, gas drilling data

Ahead of an auction to lease land for energy exploration, the state is combining public information with specialized seismic data to attract prospective bidders.