States Claim Drugmaker Owes $2 Trillion for Role in Opioid Epidemic

Forty-nine states and the District of Columbia say that OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma contributed to a crisis that has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives.

Opioid Overdoses Keep Surging in Chicago, Killing Black People on the West Side

Half of Cook County’s confirmed opioid-related deaths have been among Black residents, even though they make up less than a quarter of the county’s population. Officials warn that the coronavirus pandemic has overshadowed the crisis.

Texas AG Brokers Deal With Counties on Opioid Payouts

The deal would send 15% of any national settlement deal directly to cities and counties.

Want to Test More People for Covid-19? Look At the Sewage

COMMENTARY | Wastewater surveillance can help communities increase their testing capabilities and better manage and monitor the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Opioid Epidemic Might Be Much Worse Than We Thought

A new paper suggests that death certificates dramatically undercounted the number of people dying from opioid overdoses.

This State Has Figured Out How to Treat Drug-Addicted Inmates

More jails and prisons are starting to offer medication-assisted treatment for inmates addicted to opioids. But it's available at just a very small fraction of correctional facilities across the country.

Federal Opioid Grants Can Be Used for Cocaine and Meth Addiction

State drug treatment agencies can now use an opioid grant program to treat people with addictions to cocaine and methamphetamine.

State Health Officials Say Medicaid Expansion Helped Combat Opioid Epidemic

Health officials from Rhode Island, Massachusetts, North Carolina, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania testified before a congressional committee about how states have used federal opioid funding.

For Rural Drug Users, Finding Clean Needles Might Mean Looking in the Mail

In places where needle exchanges are scarce or even illegal, one online, mail-based needle exchange is trying to get people safe injection supplies and overdose reversal materials.

For Appalachian Counties, Jobs are Key for Opioid Recovery

Leaders from Appalachian counties shared their experiences battling the opioid epidemic, and pointed to economic opportunities for residents as an important part of the recovery effort.

Legalizing Marijuana Could Help Fight the Opioid Epidemic, New Research Says

New research found opioids were prescribed less often in states where marijuana has been legalized for medicinal or recreational use.

Why Opioids Are ‘An Everything Problem’

New research supports the idea that economic distress sparked the opioid epidemic. But others say the true causes are far more complicated.

Teen Marijuana Vaping on the Rise While Other Drug, Alcohol Use Declines

The National Institute on Drug Abuse’s annual teenage drug use survey found marijuana vaping has doubled among high schools seniors, while alcohol, tobacco, and opioid use are all on the decline.

Extending Medicaid After Childbirth Could Reduce Maternal Deaths

Evidence shows women should receive follow-up care for a year after giving birth.

Too Many Drugs, Too Little Data

COMMENTARY | Unlike other states, Massachusetts leaders relied on data—crucial in developing policies, but too often not available—to guide their decision to begin allowing medication-assisted treatment for drug addiction in jails.

Many States Prosecute Pregnant Women for Drug Use. New Research Says That’s a Bad Idea.

As the opioid epidemic surges, states have been cracking down on pregnant addicted women.

Report: Over 2 Million Children Affected by the Opioid Epidemic

The societal costs associated with children’s exposure to opioids could total $400 billion by 2030, a new report from the United Hospital Fund estimates.

With Safe Injection Sites, ‘Somebody Has to Go First.’ It Could Be Philadelphia.

Overdose deaths are a daily occurrence in many Philadelphia neighborhoods.

Hospitals Take Shot At Opioid Makers Over Cost Of Treating Uninsured For Addiction

Hospitals estimate treating patients with complicated addictions costs an average of $107,000 per person.

After Ohio Opioid Settlement, Local Governments Could Be Skeptical of State AG Agreement

Attorneys for cities and counties that brought litigation against drug companies say the size of a settlement brokered this week for two Ohio counties could encourage others to opt out of a broader agreement touted by state attorneys general.