The Big Obstacles Mayors Face Addressing America's Homelessness Crisis

Nearly three-quarters of mayors surveyed say they are held accountable by residents for local homelessness but only 20% say they have control of the crisis, a new report shows.

3 US Cities Win Bloomberg Global Mayors Challenge

Cities in New Jersey, Arizona and Minnesota were selected for their unique programs to help residents get jobs and to accelerate opioid treatment.

How the Pandemic Helped Spread Fentanyl Across the US and Drive Opioid Overdose Deaths to a Grim New High

The number of fatal drug overdoses in the US over a 12-month period has surpassed 100,000 for the first time. Fentanyl is the main driver of the spike in deaths.

How Cities Are Addressing Mental Distress

Successful programs include partnerships between social workers and first responders, incorporate data and recognize larger social factors affecting health and well-being, like racism, experts say.

Strategies for Combating the Opioid Crisis

In many cities and states, fatal drug overdoses—primarily from opioids—outnumber homicides, deaths from auto accidents, suicides and other types of fatalities. Law enforcement’s role is changing to address the challenges, according to research.

Using Rapid Drug Analysis to Reduce Opioid Overdose Deaths

A partnership between the Maryland State Police and Maryland Department of Health will allow for faster and broader testing of illicit drugs found in the state.

The Opioid Crisis Isn’t the Same in Every Place

COMMENTARY | New research highlights communities most at risk for opioid overdose deaths and most in need of services.

Counties and States Embrace Fentanyl Test Strips in Battle Against Opioids

Arlington County, Virginia announced that it would begin distributing the strips to addiction-prone people leaving the county jail, the latest in a growing number of government agencies to turn to the tests as a way to prevent overdoses.

Rhode Island Becomes First State to OK Drug Injection Sites

Advocates say sites where people can use drugs under supervision can save lives. But cities that have tried to establish such centers have faced opposition from their states and the federal government.

Purdue Pharma Moves Closer to Opioid Settlement as 15 States Drop Objections

Attorneys general who had been critical of a proposed bankruptcy plan for the OxyContin manufacturer said they would agree to a deal that requires significant public disclosure from the company.

A Troubling Rise in Drug Overdose Deaths Among Latinos

New research finds drug-related fatalities have been climbing for Latinos nationwide and in California and suggests policymakers should focus more on the issue.

‘An Insult’: Attorneys General Slam Purdue Restructuring Plan

Under the proposal filed this week, the OxyContin manufacturer would pay $4.25 billion to states, municipalities and others.

Opioid Deaths Spark Push to Ease Buprenorphine Rules

There's debate over whether the benefits of relaxing rules for the addiction treatment medication outweigh the risks of the pills becoming more readily available.

47 States Reach $573 Million Opioid Settlement with McKinsey

States will receive the majority of the money they are owed from the consulting firm within 60 days.

Proposed Safe-Injection Site in Philadelphia Found Illegal by Federal Appeals Court

The U.S. Third Circuit Court of Appeals issued a 2-1 decision that found a plan to open the nation’s first supervised drug injection site violates a federal law passed to shut down crack houses.

COVID-19 Eased Drug Treatment Rules—And That Saved Lives

A deadly year could have been much worse without phone counseling options.

Nation Sees Troubling Rise in Fatal Cocaine Overdoses

Many of the deaths involve cocaine mixed with the opioid fentanyl, a new analysis finds. Data shows that 2019 may have been a record year for deadly overdoses.

Patients Struggle to Find Prescription Opioids After New York Tax Drives Out Suppliers

The tax was touted as a way to punish major drugmakers for their role in the opioid epidemic and generate funding for treatment programs. But to avoid paying, scores of manufacturers and wholesalers stopped selling opioids in New York.

Purdue Pharma’s Plea Deal Won’t Solve America’s Drug Problem

COMMENTARY | Billion-dollar fines will never mend the myriad social issues underlying Americans’ voracious appetite for pain relief.

OxyContin Manufacturer Pleads Guilty to Criminal Charges in Opioid Lawsuit

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Iowa misspent $21 million in coronavirus relief funds, audit finds ... California city will launch a pilot program to guarantee income for some residents ... Georgia voters may not know who funded campaigns before casting ballots.