Record Year Expected for Apartment Construction

Around 426,000 units are set to be completed in 2022, the highest volume for the U.S. apartment market in at least 40 years, one report shows.

Growing Number of Cities Weigh Tribal ‘Land Acknowledgements’

In Arizona and other states, some local governments are formally recognizing Native American connections to lands.

As Suicide Rates Climb, Crisis Centers Expand

Arizona police are guaranteed a drop-off time of no more than 10 minutes.

Voters in One City to Decide On an Unusual Pension Funding Proposal

A pending ballot proposition in Phoenix calls for imposing strict limits on city spending until funding for the city’s retirement programs reaches a certain threshold.

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A City With a Booming Real Estate Market Sees a Slip in Home Prices

Meanwhile, new research suggests people in high-cost metro areas are searching for more affordable places to live.

In Taking Up Climate Battle, Cities and States Shift the Debate

Some city leaders looking to lead on climate change policies, reducing emissions in their areas and tackling other environmental issues. But state preemption laws sometimes stand in their way.

Census Citizenship Fight Will Sway States' Political Clout, Federal Money

Alabama sues to keep U.S. Census from counting undocumented immigrants. Phoenix City Council, meanwhile, votes to sue to block Census Bureau from asking whether someone is a citizen.

There Is Science (and Power) Behind Effective Citizen Communication

Scottsdale, Arizona’s assistant city manager discusses how boosting engagement with residents can be more than just a marketing gimmick.

Phoenix Clarifies Where It Stands on U.S. Immigration Policy

The city has revised protocols for school resource and traffic officers and publicized those reforms to alleviate immigrant residents’ fears they’re being profiled.

The Time to Prepare for a Police Shooting Is Before It Happens

In a guest article, the Maricopa County, Arizona, attorney asks: Does your community have a protocol for how to proceed after the deadly use of force by law enforcement?

What to Expect When You’re a Mayor Expecting Trump

“I did not feel that it was the right time to do this. It’s too close after Charlottesville,” said Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton, who urged the president to delay Tuesday evening’s planned rally.

Data USA Relaunches With More State and Local Visualizations

Cities from Cincinnati to Phoenix have incorporated the information into their own platforms.

Making the Business Case for Cities-Driven Climate Protections

“Today it is no longer the case that greater prosperity means increased carbon emissions,” said Phoenix's mayor, ahead of the U.S. Conference of Mayors 85th Annual Meeting in Miami Beach this weekend.

How 7 Mayors Responded to Trump’s Immigration Decision to Keep DACA, Drop DAPA

The half victory for advocates of federal immigration reform breaks a campaign promise sure to anger the president’s base.

Phoenix’s Mayor Is Ready to Battle for the City’s Values and Economy

At SXSW, Greg Stanton is a happy warrior against state and federal interference.

If You Build Broadband Infrastructure, Data Centers Will Come

That’s what Mesa, Arizona, has found as it’s installed an elaborate network of conduits and fiber during routine street improvement projects.

The Mayor of Phoenix Prepares to Take On Trump

Big cities are economically ascendant, but politically isolated—and ready to fight to maintain economic growth and cultural diversity.

Counties Use Smart Mapping Technology to Stay Ahead of Zika

Zika-transmitting mosquitos can breed in a teaspoon of standing water. Data-rich maps and GIS software allow counties to stay one step ahead.