Republican attorneys general mount a new attack on the EPA’s use of civil rights law

Twenty-three states want the Biden administration's EPA to curtail its approach to environmental justice.

In one city, litter meets its mechanical match

A pilot program in Detroit has enlisted a trash removal robot to reduce plastic pollution on the beach from entering local waterways.

EPA issues first-ever drinking water standards for ‘forever chemicals’

The Biden administration also announced nearly $1 billion in newly available funding to help public water utilities implement PFAS testing and treatment.

EPA finalizes new standards for deadly particulate matter

The restrictions on soot pollution will prevent thousands of premature deaths every year. Industry groups say it will hurt local economies.

Plastic bag bans have already prevented billions of bags from being used, report finds

Twelve states and more than 500 cities have implemented bans on single-use plastic bags. New data shows those efforts are paying off.

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Innovative water treatment tech could help remove forever chemicals

The Tampa Water Department is exploring suspended ion exchange technology as a way to address PFAS contamination to meet new federal standards.

A court struck down local gas bans—so Seattle and other cities are getting creative

Amid an uncertain legal landscape, lawmakers are finding new ways to electrify buildings.

Gear without PFAS coatings could put firefighters at risk

PFAS, or forever chemicals, can harm the environment and people's health. But when used in firefighter gear, PFAS can help protect responders against flammable hazards.

Michigan to transition the state’s fleet to zero emission vehicles by 2040

The conversion to ZEVs can help reduce gas and vehicle maintenance costs, reduce pollution and improve public health, some say.

Where is noise pollution the worst? Redlined neighborhoods.

Nearly all of them are subject to noise levels linked with hearing loss, a study shows.

Study: Gas-powered lawn mowers and leaf blowers produce as much pollution as long car trips

A report from the Maryland Department of the Environment report recommends that state and local governments promote the use of electric lawn equipment instead of air polluting tools like leafblowers.

Hear that? It’s the sound of leaf blower bans.

As restrictions spread, neighborhoods are getting quieter—and cleaner.