Providence’s New Loan Partnership to Replace Lead Water Pipes

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Seattle City Council OKs employee head tax … prosecutor drops charges against Mo. governor … and Detroit sues downtown’s largest landowner.

Rhode Island Seeks Private Partner on Autonomous Transit Project

The state DOT is eyeing a targeted pilot in an underserved part of its capital that’s ripe for AVs.

Taking a ‘Pie-in-the-Sky Idea’ and Moving It to Real Municipal Practice

The challenge model from the Bloomberg Philanthropies aims to improve citizen quality of life, as is the focus of work being done in Providence.

Rats Invade Providence Ward; Columbia Fire Captain Fired Over Black Live Matter Comments

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: N.J. hunters up in arms over trophy ban; an Arizona county doesn’t owe $16 million; and San Bernardino County’s internet woes.

Why Local Law Enforcement Should Take Mobile Forensics Seriously

One CME-certified detective is making a big difference in caseload in Providence, Rhode Island.

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