Records Management

County looks to blockchain for records management

Riverside County, California, wants to convert paper-centric services to trusted, secure and private electronic operations with an interagency blockchain platform that would be open to other counties.

States Have the Resources to Clear Criminal Records

COMMENTARY | Most governments already have the capacity and technology to deliver automatic record clearance to all those eligible for relief equitably, expeditiously and at scale.

How Records of Life’s Milestones Help Solve Cold Cases, Pinpoint Health Risks and Allocate Public Resources

Agencies should adopt a centralized approach to managing vital records such as marriage licenses and birth certificates to better track population data.

Digitized ID Eases Re-entry for Formerly Incarcerated

To streamline the re-entry process for released inmates, the Maryland Re-Entry Passport program launched an online portal that stores digitized copies of personal documents.

Machine Learning Digs Into States’ Archives

Amid growing backlogs of archival data, states are turning to software tools to streamline records management.

6 ways technology can streamline public records requests

Agencies are relying on technology to simplify and streamline their public records request process and, as a second-order effect, increase constituents’ confidence in their governing bodies.

Mayor Snagged in WhatsApp Debate

Use of the encrypted messaging app by Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser’s administration rekindles discussion over apps that allow officials to skirt the spirit, if not the letter, of open records laws.

Mayor snagged in WhatsApp debate

Use of the encrypted messaging app by Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel E. Bowser’s administration rekindles discussion over apps that allow officials to skirt the spirit, if not the letter, of open-records laws.

143,518 U.S. Public Library Workers Are Keeping their Communities Informed, Connected and Engaged – But Their Jobs May be at Risk

COMMENTARY | While newer data isn’t available, the number is probably lower now, and recent history suggests more library jobs may be on the chopping block in the near future.

Government Agencies Interest in Digitizing Paper Records Grows

Paper records account for more than half of the records kept by 52% of government agencies that responded to a recent survey.

A State Agency Scraps Its Paper-Based Licensing System

In adopting a digital licensing system, officials at the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission say they moved away not just from stacks and stacks of paper, but also an old mindset.

Philly Mayor Deleted Years of Text Messages

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | W.Va. teachers strike … Alaska cold case leads to arrest in Maine using genetic genealogy … and the Cincinnati City Council’s attendance record.

Digital Record Deluge Threatens to Swamp States

States allocate less than one-hundredth of one percent of their budget on archives despite exponential data growth.

The Difficult Balance of Transparency and Privacy for Local Governments

“Risk will never be zero so it has to be actively managed,” according to Jason Lally, data services manager for the city and county of San Francisco.

How Form Automation Is Democratizing Government Services

Technology can help make services accessible to vulnerable and disadvantaged citizens.

What Do State Chief Data Officers Do?

A look at the job that puts analytics to use in decision-making.

How One Law Enforcement Agency Is Using Facial Recognition to Identify Suspects

In Oregon, the Washington County Sheriff’s Department can review 300,000 mugshots in seconds and is helping other agencies to query their databases as well.

Case Study: Identity Management Creating Huge Cost Savings in Florida

Pairing online applications with a Customer Authentication Program ensures food assistance goes to those who need it.

N.Y.C. OK’d to Destroy Information on Undocumented Immigrants

Two Republican Assembly members had sought the preservation of IDNYC documents held by the city.

‘Montanans Have Lost Decades of Public Information’; New Year Brings Higher Minimum Wage

Also in our State and Local Daily Digest: Some drought relief in California; Harrisburg’s ex-mayor wants his curios and collectibles back; and Toledo vs. suburbs water struggle.