Virginia is bailing on a carbon cap-and-invest program. Activists say that might be illegal.

If the state ditches the program, millions of dollars in climate resilience funding could be lost.

Risk management through resilient technology

Resilient technology creates a more stable IT environment that saves money, increases cybersecurity and requires fewer resources to support it, a new report says.

Data sharing initiatives slowly gaining traction

The majority of agencies still don’t share data, partly due to a lack of clarity on how to use all the information they collect, a new report finds.

California looks to reshape recycling IT

CalRecycle is planning an enterprisewide system that can track, regulate and monitor recyclables.

Cold-War missile defense site heats up state’s data center economy, onsite gardens

After sitting unused for decades, the 300,000-square-foot, mostly underground building will be converted to a secure data center whose excess C02 and heat will support an indoor greenhouse.