What does a resilient city look like?

In many cities, resilience is more than climate-ready infrastructure and disaster relief. It’s a tool for building trust in local government, connecting neighbors and uplifting vulnerable communities.

New flood model factors in human reactions

A new open-source flood risk model assesses communities' adaptive responses to flood events, which can help local governments prepare for flood intervention measures like altering development plans or elevating buildings.

Local govs need a helping hand from states to build climate resiliency

North Carolina offers technical assistance to help local leaders assess their communities’ climate vulnerabilities and develop sustainable solutions.

Smart cities need a new mindset, not just new technology

A smart city is more than just a buzzword these days. It’s a mindset and skill set that employees must have to navigate today’s challenges, one expert says.

5 Ways to Build Cities That Can Better Withstand Climate Extremes

Smarter land-use and nature-based solutions are among the approaches highlighted in a new report, which also focuses on equity considerations and how to pay for projects.

Connect with state & local government leaders

Pushing Ahead Projects to Protect Against Climate-related Disasters

Projects to deal with risks like flooding and hurricanes are being buoyed by new federal funding. But state and local officials say it can sometimes be a heavy lift to access the money.

A New Tech Tool to Help Communities Confront Climate Risks

The just-launched federal website provides a range of information around extreme weather and natural disasters.

Hit by Wet Weather and Mudslides, a City Seeks New Ways to Adapt

COMMENTARY | A recent pilot program in Pittsburgh shows promise as a model for how the city and surrounding region can develop solutions to climate hazards.

Early Warning System Pinpoints Flooded Roads in Some States

Nearly a dozen states are using real-time, hyper-local monitoring to assess potential flooding at specific bridges or roads.

Modern Building Codes Slash Energy Costs, Boost Resiliency

COMMENTARY | Homeowners are demanding features that up-to-date codes can help deliver but almost half of states have not embraced these standards.

For Flood-Prone Cities, Seawalls Raise as Many Questions as They Answer

COMMENTARY | Urban leaders and elected officials at all levels of government need to consider carefully before they invest billions of dollars.

Now Is the Time to Tackle Climate Change. Here’s How States Can Lead.

COMMENTARY | The risks from climate change hazards are growing in most American communities. State governments play a key role in helping local governments build a pipeline of resilience projects that will mitigate risks from extreme weather hazards.

Fire Official Urges Governors to Be Proactive on Hardening Homes Against Wildfire

Failing to do so, the official said, means “we're just building tomorrow’s problems.”

From Hurricanes to Pandemics: Benefiting from Crisis Lessons Learned

COMMENTARY | Elected and appointed officials must anticipate a broad range of possible catastrophes and put effective plans in place now to meet challenges like Covid-19 and future disasters.

Despite Mitigation Efforts, Watchdog Finds Rise in Repeatedly Flooded Properties

The Government Accountability Office says steps like acquiring and demolishing flood-prone homes won't be enough to shore up the finances of the National Flood Insurance Program.

Resilience Renewed in Houston

For the fifth year in a row, the Route Fifty roadshow will explore the biggest themes in state and local government. This year’s roadshow kicks off in Houston, Texas to explore the city’s resiliency journey.

Going All-In On Resilience

COMMENTARY | Senior public administrators have a duty and the power to encourage the public sector community to more readily embrace resilience.

States Take the Reins in Resilience Planning

Governors say states are taking steps to assure their long-term resiliency in the face of worsening climate change—and in the absence of sweeping federal action.

Former Emergency Managers: Act Now Before the Next Storm

COMMENTARY | A former FEMA Administrator and former Florida emergency manager urge states and local governments to invest time and resources into preparing for future severe weather events.

Rockefeller Foundation Commits $8 Million to New Climate and Resilience Program

The move comes as the 100 Resilient Cities initiative supported by the foundation winds down.