Rural America

Farmers Can be Isolated and Unsure How to Seek Support. One State is Trying to Help.

Farmers in Wisconsin can access a 24-hour hotline, free counseling and, soon, virtual support groups. It's all part of a state-funded wellness program focused on the agricultural community.

Poll: Growing Share of Americans Would Choose Towns, Rural Areas Over Cities, Suburbs

A Gallup poll found 48% of Americans in 2020 preferred to live in towns or rural areas, compared to 39% in 2018.

Will Rising Temperatures Make Superweeds Even Stronger?

Widely used herbicides are struggling to kill some weeds. Some experts think heat could be part of the problem.

What Happened When the Only ER Doctor in a Rural Town Got COVID

The pandemic has been particularly lethal in rural areas.

To Expand Broadband, States Should Figure Out Where It Isn't Available

A new report from the National Governors Association suggests states shouldn't just rely on the FCC to identify underserved areas, as well as use existing infrastructure and federal funding to increase connectivity in rural and low-income areas.

Rural Areas Send Their Sickest Patients to Cities, Straining Hospitals

Critically ill rural patients are often sent to city hospitals for high-level treatment and, as their numbers grow, some urban hospitals are buckling under the added strain.

Rural Public Health Staff Strained by Covid Surge, Public Backlash

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Two Minnesota state senators switch from Democratic caucus to independents, citing polarization … Plans for historic dam removal moving ahead … Matthew McConaughey for Texas governor?

Covid-19 Patients Swamp Rural Hospitals

Hospitals are better prepared. But winter is likely to be brutal.

Rural Vacation Towns Made It Through the Summer. Now What?

Shutdowns left businesses and governments with big holes to fill.

Few in Number, Black Residents in Appalachia Push for Justice

Populations of color grew in eastern Kentucky despite overall population declines.

Health on Wheels: Tricked-Out RVs Deliver Addiction Treatment to Rural Communities

As in many states, access to addiction treatment remains a challenge in Colorado.

Rural Hospitals Teeter on Financial Cliff as COVID Medicare Loans Come Due

Hospital leaders across the country fear the federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Service may come calling for repayment any day now.

Trump Census Plan Might Leave Out Some Legal Residents

Many U.S. citizens who live in rural or tribal areas lack a paper trail.

Strained Rural Water Utilities Buckle Under Pandemic Pressure

Rural water service has missed out on federal and state pandemic relief.

Prognosis for Rural Hospitals Worsens With Pandemic

Financially troubled hospitals found themselves struggling even more as patients began postponing doctor appointments and elective surgery.

Rural Hospitals Hang on as Pandemic Reaches Smaller Communities

As the pandemic persists, it’s unclear how long struggling rural hospitals can hang on.

Pandemic, China Trade Deal Fuel Farmer Doubts

A U.S.-China trade deal is falling short on its commitments.

Why Rural America Is Joining the Movement for Black Lives

Officers may be neighbors, making the rural response uniquely personal.

It’s Time to Rethink the Disrupted US Food System From the Ground Up

COMMENTARY | The soil that produces our nation’s food supply is a weakened link slowly failing under ongoing strain.

In a Rural Valley, Virus Threat Hangs Heavy Over Summer Tourist Season

Washington’s Methow Valley is a magnet for tourists and people looking to get into the outdoors. But the coronavirus outbreak is stirring mixed reactions about visitors.