Rural America

New Program Aims to Help Rural America Tap More Federal Funding

The Biden administration initiative is starting in five states and there are plans to expand it.

Biden Administration Plays Up Billions for Rural Infrastructure

The White House released new information this week for places looking to access the cash and officials said to expect over $2 billion in funding announcements for rural areas this month.

3 Things That Influence College Graduates From Rural Areas to Return to Their Communities

COMMENTARY | While many students who grew up in rural areas leave for good after going off to college, some are returning to their roots. A scholar who studies education and small towns explains why.

Millions of Electric Vehicle Chargers Are Coming and Cities Want a Say in Where They Go

Big cities and rural areas fear being left behind if they can’t keep up with the demand for chargers, but they also have to consider costs, competition for curbsides, equity and more.

With $1.4B in Awards, USDA Seeks to Loosen Grip of ‘Extraction Economy’ on Rural America

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said a new package of loans and grants is meant to help build wealth outside of cities and suburbs.

Agriculture Department Sending $1B to Rural Communities

The grants and loans will help public sector and nonprofit organizations improve health care facilities and buy equipment for first responders in 48 states.

3 Things Get People to Return to Rural Hometowns

COMMENTARY | A new study identifies the reasons that draw people back a decade or two after leaving: public schools, population density and other college-degree holders in the community.

Feds Begin Distributing $7.5B to Rural Health Providers

The funding comes after the pandemic dealt a hit to rural America's already eroding health care system.

How One Rural Town Without a Pharmacy Is Crowdsourcing to Get Meds

"We’re a community that pulls together for the wellness of everyone.”

3 Essential Elements Governments Need to Expand Broadband

Dedicated offices, planning and technical assistance and competitive grant programs are key components for effective broadband efforts, says The Pew Charitable Trusts.

Hundreds of PPP Loans Went to Fake Farms in Absurd Places

An online lending platform called Kabbage sent 378 pandemic loans worth $7 million to fake companies (mostly farms) with names like “Deely Nuts” and “Beefy King.”

The Case for Moving Back to Your Hometown

COMMENTARY | I thought of home as a waiting room, the place I had to be until I could go somewhere else. Then I left, and missed it terribly.

Covid-19 Nomads Heed Pandemic Call of the Road

States want to attract well-heeled remote workers.

Covid Racial Disparities Loom Large in Rural Counties

As federal and state government officials ramp up vaccination efforts, white people outpace people of color in getting vaccinated.

‘It Didn’t Really Stick With Me’: Understanding the Rural Shrug Over Covid and Vaccines

Fort Scott, Kansas, was hit hard by the pandemic, and it no longer has a hospital. But residents remain skeptical about the impact of the coronavirus.

How One State’s Public Health Defunding Led to Vaccination Chaos

The situation in Missouri is contributing to racial inequity with vaccinations and forcing some people to drive hours to get shots.

Pandemic Drains Hospital Finances

Rural hospitals are expected to suffer the most.

How 18 Million Americans Could Move Into Rural Areas – Without Leaving Home

COMMENTARY | A pending proposal would reclassify dozens of communities from metropolitan to rural, potentially affecting their eligibility for certain federal funding and programs.

Queer in the Country: Why Some LGBTQ Americans Prefer Rural Life to Urban ‘Gayborhoods’

COMMENTARY | Research finds many LGBTQ people in rural areas view their sexual identity substantially differently from their urban counterparts – and question the merits of gay life in cities.

Rural Americans in Pharmacy Deserts Hurting for Covid Vaccines

Dozens of rural counties across the U.S. lack pharmacies, creating an added challenge for vaccination programs.