School safety

Can Schools Require Covid-19 Vaccines for Students Now that Pfizer’s Shot is Authorized for Kids 12 and Up?

COMMENTARY | The Food and Drug Administration on May 10, 2021, granted the first emergency use authorization of a COVID-19 vaccine for adolescents.

Education Department to Conduct Thorough Title IX Review, Propose Changes

The process aims to address sexual assault, gender equity and LGBTQ rights as well as amendments issued by the Trump administration, officials said.

America Gets a D+ for School Infrastructure - but Federal Covid Relief Could Pay for Many Repairs

COMMENTARY | Money from the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan could go toward much-needed improvements to crumbling public school buildings.

How School Lunch Could Improve When Classrooms are Full Again

COMMENTARY | School lunch is a lot less fun during a pandemic.

Snow Days May Never Be the Same

The availability of virtual learning means schools don’t necessarily need to shut down for the weather. But the loss of snow days is the loss of a source of joy for kids.

Massachusetts Actually Might Have a Way to Keep Schools Open

An ambitious pilot program could finally pave the way to in-person learning—at least for those who can afford it.

Teen Vaping Shows Signs of Leveling Off After Sharp Rise

A recent survey of teenagers also found that marijuana use was relatively stable in the early part of this year and that cigarette smoking was at historic lows.

Schools Are a Cybersecurity Nightmare. What Can We Do About It?

COMMENTARY | Educational institutions are alarmingly vulnerable to cyberattack. With schools across the country moving to more distance learning, it's time to change that.

States Order Widespread School Closures to Blunt Coronavirus Spread

Across the country, governors are increasingly ordering school closures and bans on large gatherings as state and local governments work to slow community spread of the virus.

Open or Close? Schools Grapple with Coronavirus Decisions

While some school districts may have the resources to hold virtual classes during closures, others worry about meeting students’ basic needs if classes are cancelled.

Teachers Unions Urge End of Active-Shooter Drills that Can Traumatize Students

In a new report, two teachers unions and a gun-control group recommend that schools stop using active-shooter drills—or at least revise them—amid fears the exercises are terrifying and damaging to students.

New Tech Opens New Doors for Public Safety

COMMENTARY | The growing use of artificial intelligence will offer cities more advanced methods to detect safety and security threats.