South Dakota

Critics Question CARES Act Spending in Some States

“I’ve yet to meet a pothole that has the coronavirus.”

States Crack Down on Large Gatherings as Covid-19 Continues to Spread

Minnesota officials are seeking damages from a ranch owner who held a three-day rodeo in defiance of state regulations on large gatherings. They say at least one attendee tested positive for Covid-19 days after the event.

States Include Job Training in Reopening Plans

South Dakota will offer free or discounted job training to people who have lost their jobs during the coronavirus pandemic, one of several states to include employment programs in long-term recovery plans.

State Legislatures Scramble to Meet in the Age of Coronavirus

Lawmakers across the country rushed to pass resolutions permitting virtual meetings and remote voting, efforts they said were necessary to adhere to social distancing guidelines and protect legislators.

Interest Rate Cap on 'Payday Loans’ Yields Positive Results, Group Says

South Dakota imposed the 36% cap under a 2016 ballot measure. At least 15 other states have similar limits on the books.

In Two States, Debates Over the Ethics of Paid Surrogacy

Lawmakers in New York, one of only three states where paid surrogacy is illegal, are trying to repeal their ban. Meanwhile, in South Dakota, legislators say surrogacy has led to the commercialization of children and want to prohibit it.

‘Meth. We’re On It.’ Ad Campaign in South Dakota Gets Attention

The slogan went viral on Twitter when users commented that the ads missed the mark. State officials say the discussion the campaign prompted is exactly the point.

'In God We Trust' Now Mandatory Display in These Public Schools

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‘Contrarian’ State Pension Plan is One of The Nation’s Best-Funded

South Dakota's retirement system for public employees has been over 90 percent funded for nearly two decades. The state's investment officer discusses how its assets are managed.

Oglala Sioux Tribe Calls for Help in South Dakota as Flooding Continues

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When Does a Winter Storm Become a Bomb Cyclone?

What raises a common winter storm to the level of 'bomb cyclone'? It's all about rapid, sharp changes in atmospheric pressure— and the scientists who coined the term meant to highlight their power.

Republican Governors Want Trade War With China Over Quickly

An outcome to negotiations that lowers or ends Chinese tariffs could be critical to President Trump’s reelection hopes, Arkansas’ governor predicted.

‘Marsy’s Law’ Protections for Crime Victims Sound Great, but Could Cause Problems

Six states have approved the victims' rights constitutional amendments, with voters in six more soon expected to consider similar measures.

Gun Safety Looms Over Governors' Trump Meeting

While GOP governors plan to discuss solutions, despite disagreeing on which ones, some Democratic governors suspect the issue will become another ‘bargaining chip’ for the White House.

A No-Drone Zone Showdown in Deadwood, South Dakota

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Why Doomsday Preppers Are Flocking to Igloo, South Dakota

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Use of Forced Catheterizations by Police in South Dakota Called ‘Cruel and Barbaric’

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Route Fifty Roadmap: Venturing Into the Heart of Sunflower Country

Harvest time nears in a desolate part of South Dakota, traditionally the nation’s most productive area for sunflowers.

Last We Checked, the U.S. Supreme Court Still Sets the Law of the Land

When it comes to collecting sales tax on remote sellers, South Dakota has picked the wrong law to challenge.