Special Report: Police Body-Worn Cameras

Prosecutors’ Perspective on Police Body-Worn Cameras

The proactive steps being taken by law enforcement and legislators at the federal and state level are most welcome by prosecutors.

Sound Advice When Implementing Police Body Camera Programs

“It’s important to slow down and get things right,” the assistant chief in Montgomery County, Maryland, told members of the National Association of Counties during a law enforcement subcommittee session this weekend.

With Body-Worn Cameras, Here Comes the Hard Part

As law enforcement agencies implement these important policing tools, there are important issues with storing and protecting data and when to make it available to the public.

Connect with state & local government leaders

What Body Camera Data Should Police Collect and When?

These questions should be answered at the time of BWC deployment.

These Are the Police Body Camera Questions State and Local Stakeholders Must Address Quickly

Law enforcement policies must be established before the video evidence piles up.