State Government

How Your State Can Reduce Fraud With Marijuana Tax Payments

COMMENTARY | Governments can be unaware of whether they are receiving the correct revenues from cannabis sales. But there are options available to help agencies root out noncompliance, improve forecasts, and potentially up collections.

With Arizona Win, Democratic Governors Hang Tough in Midterms

Vulnerable incumbents defended their seats, as the party also managed to take control of three governorships held by Republicans, while only ceding one to the GOP.

The Curse of Straight-ticket Voting

COMMENTARY | The wave that hit state government elections this year had mostly to do with cementing single party control. It’s a trend that’s keeping good candidates on the sidelines, flawed ones in office and eroding checks on power.

Voters in One State Approve a Tax on Millionaires

And in another they eliminated tax breaks for higher earners. But national trends with ballot initiatives to tax the wealthy are mixed overall this year and hard to interpret.

Split Results in Marijuana Legalization Votes

Measures to legalize recreational cannabis won approval in two states, and failed in three.

DeSantis Dominates in Winning Second Term

The Florida governor's victory comes as questions swirl around whether he'll run for president in 2024.

The Winners and Losers in the 2022 Midterm Election Governors Races

Get caught up on all the action from Election Day, and who the next top government executives will be in the 36 states that held gubernatorial contests this year.

States Struggle to Curb Fake Emotional Support Animals

"This is really being exploited by people who want pets in housing that doesn’t allow pets."

State Chief Information Officers are Handling Much More Than Just Tech

In state government, the role of the CIO has evolved to center on the business of IT, rather than the nuts and bolts of computers. It’s something that new governors will have to keep in mind.

The Top Governors Races to Watch in the 2022 Midterm Elections

Thirty-six states are holding gubernatorial contests. Here's a rundown of the ones we’re tracking headed toward Election Day.

Meet the Breakout Stars of the 2022 Governors’ Races

COMMENTARY | Media experience rather than previously holding elected office is becoming a premium trait for candidates running for governor.

Governors Split on Biden’s Call to Pardon Low-Level Pot Offenders

Most marijuana convictions are at the state and local levels.

How Volunteers Can Support Government Cybersecurity

Michigan was the first state to launch a volunteer cyber corps about a decade ago. The trend is catching on.

How Treasurers Are Using Tech to Return Lost Funds to Residents

COMMENTARY | Technology is making it faster, easier and simpler for states to return unclaimed property.

States Must Work Closer With Locals on Cyber Threats, Survey Finds

Stronger collaboration among the public, private and academic sectors can strengthen overall cybersecurity, according to a report from the National Association of State Chief Information Officers.

Mental Health Crisis Teams Aren’t Just for Cities Anymore

In many cities, social workers and counselors are responding to mental health emergencies that used to be solely handled by police. That approach is spreading to rural areas even though mental health professionals are scarcer and travel distances are longer.

This Year's Hottest Contests to Control State Legislatures

Democrats hope concerns about abortion access will bolster their chances to retake key chambers. But Republicans say President Biden's flagging poll numbers will give GOP candidates an edge.

States Take on PFAS ‘Forever Chemicals’ With Bans, Lawsuits

Rising awareness has prompted action in more than two dozen states.

Pandemic Prompts More States to Mandate Paid Sick Leave

Seventeen states now have mandatory paid sick leave laws.

As State Institutions Close, Families of Longtime Residents Face Agonizing Choices

Iowa, under federal pressure to improve care for people with intellectual or developmental disabilities, is set to join 45 other states that have closed most or all of their state institutions for such residents.