Gas taxes can’t pay for roads much longer, but Amazon deliveries might

More states could follow Colorado and Minnesota in putting a fee on retail deliveries.

$1 trillion a year in tax breaks goes out the door. Are states keeping track?

A new report from the Volcker Alliance highlights the lack of transparency around tax expenditures, and calls on states to better monitor whether the tax breaks are achieving their intended effects.

In tax code ruling, U.S. Supreme Court declined to open ‘Pandora's box’

Justices sided with the government, avoiding a decision that could have upended the tax code and cost state and local governments trillions of dollars.

The great Salt Lake City tax tradeoff

In a few weeks, the city council will be voting on a 0.5% sales tax to support economic development downtown. But it’s not the money that is drawing all the attention, it’s what the city is giving up.

What makes a city ideal for office-to-housing conversions?

It’s the state and local leaders who can work creatively with restrictive building codes and tax incentives, one expert says.

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More cities are seeing budget gaps: Here’s what not to do

A growing number of cities are having to make tough decisions this spring in order to balance next year’s budgets.

California is about to tax guns more like alcohol and tobacco—and that could put a dent in gun violence

COMMENTARY | Gun deaths and injuries aren’t just tragic—they’re expensive, too.

State, local govs crack down on menthol cigarettes by pumping prices up

Setting minimum retail prices and increasing taxes can help officials address public health concerns surrounding menthol cigarettes.

As property tax bills rise, states look for long-term solutions

Lawmakers in the Mountain West seek to provide permanent tax relief without harming local revenue.

New Maryland law enables local jurisdictions to impose higher taxes on vacant properties

The legislation aims to reduce the number of lots and houses that sit vacant for years on end in an effort to solve the state's affordable housing shortage.

Virginia's 'tech tax' ignites debate on business taxes

Many states are extending sales tax to digital services, but the Virginia Senate’s attempt to expand it to cover business-to-business transactions raised eyebrows.

A range of emerging fiscal risks could disrupt state budgets

Tomorrow’s demographic, environmental, and technological trends require planning and action today.

Can the snarky ‘Save Our Yachts’ campaign save Washington’s capital gains tax?

The long-fought-for and hard-won tax has survived its legal challenges. Now it must survive the ballot.

Marijuana tax revenues fall short of projections in many states, including Colorado

COMMENTARY | As the market matures both the price of marijuana and tax revenues associated with its sale will likely drop further in the future.

Can compromise be reached in two state budget debates?

Taxes and affordable housing are holding up budgets in Virginia and New York. Instead of threats, the governors in each state appear to be trying to find common ground—for now.

New Jersey senator proposes doubling casinos’ online wager tax rates

Change would more than double revenue streams that brought in $414M last year.

Senate at an ‘impasse’ over restoring child tax credit

Republicans in the chamber oppose the way the credit is calculated, making the passage of the tax package approved by the House in February uncertain.

States love March Madness. That’s a problem for many.

As more states have legalized sports betting, they’ve also seen a dramatic uptick in gambling addiction.

Inflation has turned Washington state’s property tax cap into a county budget-killer

Frustrated county officials say state leaders have shunted the state’s financial burden onto local governments.

From paper to portal: How one city brought tax filings online

Under an aggressive modernization strategy, Columbus, Ohio, has built a one-stop shop for filing income tax returns.