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How to make skills-based hiring work

Now that many public sector jobs no longer require a four-year degree, agencies are reframing how they recruit and train new workers, especially for IT jobs.

Better Data Sharing Begins With Dispelling Staff Mistrust

Ensuring that employees understand data-sharing agreements and are comfortable with the terminology will build the trust they need to learn to use data effectively, experts say.

Flexibility, Culture Key to Attracting Laid-off Tech Workers

State and local agencies looking to pick up staff from layoffs at tech companies should be “leaning into different flexibilities,” said one expert.

Looking to Become a Tech Hub? Level Up Your Local Talent In 3 Steps

COMMENTARY | If you want your city to be known as an up-and-coming tech magnet, develop your talent pool so you can attract investment.

Most Local Governments Provide Cyber Awareness Training. Why Do 25% Let Elected Leaders Opt Out?

A new survey from the CompTIA Public Technology Institute highlights cybersecurity concerns among municipal IT professionals, including remote work and rising insurance premiums.

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Kill the 5-Day Workweek

COMMENTARY | Reducing hours without reducing pay would reignite an essential but long-forgotten moral project: Making American life less about work.

To Unlock the Full Potential of Data, Local Governments Need The Right Talent

COMMENTARY | Local governments don’t need more data—they need people who can process what they already have.

Talent Wanted: Four Ways State and Local Governments Can Solve the Cybersecurity Skills Shortage

COMMENTARY | Cybersecurity talent shortages have plagued state and local governments for years. There are four simple, yet effective, strategies to find and cultivate cybersecurity professionals.

Coronavirus Shows Cracks in the Gig Economy

COMMENTARY | The coronavirus has exposed the problematic nature of the gig economy on workers’ pay and benefits.

Building the State Tech Workforce for Today and Tomorrow

Tennessee deputy chief information officer discusses how the state is working to attract and retain a skilled technology workforce.