State Broadband Map Delivers Granular Connectivity Data

Officials in New York can now use address-level data to better identify homes and businesses lacking access to affordable broadband.

Mayors Endorse an Array of Emerging Technologies

City leaders staked out positions related to drones, public safety, broadband, renewable energy, blockchain technology and more at their 90th annual conference.

Hybrid Workforce is Making Public Sector IT Management More Difficult

The trend toward more remote work is challenging for government IT professionals to keep networks secure, according to a recent report.

State Turns to Data Tools to Root Out Social Services Fraud

Data modeling, analytics and visualizations are helping the Texas HHS inspector general detect and prevent fraud, waste and abuse within state programs.

Cybersecurity is No. 1 Priority for City, County IT Leaders

Thanks to the attack on Colonial Pipeline and the growing risk of international threats related to the war in Ukraine, 97% of IT leaders cited cybersecurity as their biggest concern in an annual survey.

Why Biden Just Declared Heat Pumps and Solar Panels Essential to National Defense

COMMENTARY | Other presidents used the Defense Production Act to boost fossil fuel supplies. Biden is using it to replace them with clean energy. But just ramping up production isn’t enough.

What's the Best Place For an Electric Vehicle Charging Station?

With the help of a computational model, experts can strategically place EV charging facilities without putting undue pressure on local power grids.

Visualizing Vulnerability: County Maps Show Areas of Greatest Need

To study equity differences at systemic and place-based levels, Fairfax County put census data on color-coded maps so that officials can quickly see areas of greatest need.

When Self-driving Cars Crash, Who’s Responsible? Courts and Insurers Need to Know What’s Inside the ‘Black Box’

Decision-making processes of self-driving cars are difficult to understand, but the growing field of “explainable AI” may help provide some answers.

Autonomous Vehicle Camera Footage Could Aid Police Investigations

Data collected by the vehicles in one city shows promise, but privacy advocates say the evidences shows law enforcement agencies are expanding their pervasive surveillance.

Code for America Unveils First States in Safety Net Cohort

The nonprofit aims to help states build digital tools and services to connect people with health, food assistance and other benefits programs. 

Survey: 93% of Americans Fear Cyberwarfare Against US

A consumer survey suggests citizens are taking some steps to prepare for possible cyberattacks.

Signals Along 'Smart Spines' Optimize Traffic Flow

With artificial intelligence-powered adaptive signaling technology at nearly 150 city intersections, Pittsburgh plans to improve traffic flow and reduce idling times for buses.

New Jersey Combating Vehicle Theft With License Plate Readers

The state will expand its network of high-speed automated cameras to crack down on record numbers of stolen cars.

Smart Pavement Powering EV Charging, In-road Traffic Sensors

With the installation of smart pavement at five downtown intersections, a Kansas town is driving smart infrastructure adoption.

Ransomware Attacks on Governments More Frequent, Damaging and Costly

Attackers targeting states and localities demanded the lowest ransom payments of any sector surveyed, but victims were more likely to pay, according to a recent report.

Driverless Vehicles Are Finally Hitting City Streets

In San Francisco, people can now catch rides in cars without anybody behind the wheel. But as the technology spreads, are regulators ready?

States and Cities are Moving to Make Virtual Hearings Permanent

In the nation's statehouses and city halls, officials want remote meetings to outlast the Covid-19 crisis. Disability advocates are among those who support the idea. Others worry about the loss of in-person interactions and diminished oversight.

Mobile Driver's Licenses, Digital Credentials Can Protect Against Identity Theft

Standards for mobile licenses and credentials top the wish list of trade groups looking to steer the Biden administration’s action on combating identity theft and fraud.

City Turns to Traffic Safety Technology to Curb Pedestrian Accidents

Officials say two new tools will make the streets of Bellevue, Washington, safer by increasing the time pedestrians have at crosswalks and better identifying multimodal traffic at intersections.