Report: Increased Remote Work for Many Governments Also Raises Cyber Risks

Roughly one-third of government employees believe “their actions don’t matter when it comes to security,” according to a new survey.

Long-term digital solutions can offset workforce shortage gaps

COMMENTARY | User-friendly technology platforms can help under-resourced agencies decrease their administrative burden and attract digital-savvy employees.

The D.C. Mayor Wants ‘Decisive Action’ on the Federal Government’s Return to Office Plans

There has been movement to get some employees back in person and assess real estate needs, but the mayor would like more specifics.  

State and Local Governments Shifting to ‘New Normal’ Workplace

With lessons from the rapid shift to telework, governments are adopting permanent hybrid environments and keeping nimble, problem-solving mentalities.

State and local governments turn to normalizing the ‘new normal’ workplace

With lessons from the rapid shift to telework, officials are rejiggering plans for hybrid environments and keeping nimble, problem-solving mentalities.

Small Towns Drew Most New Pandemic Residents

Major cities lost people to more remote, lesser-known areas.

Losing Sleep Over the Pandemic? Work Flexibility May Be a Boon for Night Owls’ Health

Many sleep scientists maintain that people who prefer to stay up late could improve their mental and physical health by synchronizing their natural sleep cycles with workday demands. The flexible work schedules that came with COVID's work-from-home trend, according to one new study, backs up this idea.

Mitigating Cloud Risks in Government Starts With Full Visibility of Shadow IT

COMMENTARY | New survey findings highlight the need for a data-centric approach to cloud security in the era of remote work.

How the pandemic taught agencies to accept and adapt

A group of IT leaders got together to discuss how agencies responded to the changes forced by the pandemic, what challenges they faced and how they broke through old barriers to deliver better citizens services.

Conklin checks in as CIO at the world’s largest library

Judith Conklin, newly installed CIO at the Library of Congress, talks about remote work infrastructure, continuity of operations and upgrades to essential services.

Survey: More than 40% of Employees Support Higher Insurance Rates for Unvaccinated

The responses indicate vaccinated American workers are calling for more punitive measures against their unvaccinated counterparts.

Work from home and cloud are prompting hard looks at security

Cloud computing and telework environments add considerable complexity to good security strategies, so agencies should look to multifactor authentication and cloud-based access policies.

How a workplace experience app can solve back-to-work challenges

A workplace experience app can engage and empower employees by giving them access to the resources they need regardless of location and can provide management with key situational awareness and decision-making data.

Three steps to building digital resilience

Digital resilience is not just reaction and disaster response; it’s about thoughtful investing in enhanced capabilities that will deliver benefits in the future, one smart city expert says.

Kill the 5-Day Workweek

COMMENTARY | Reducing hours without reducing pay would reignite an essential but long-forgotten moral project: Making American life less about work.

A solid cloud foundation proves crucial at crunch time

When the pandemic hit, agencies’ previous investments in cloud and DevSecOps help them scale websites, manage increased workloads and support telework and application development.

Winners and Losers of the Work-From-Home Revolution

COMMENTARY | High-income workers at highly profitable companies will benefit greatly. Downtown landlords won’t.

Army rolls back IoT restrictions for teleworkers

The Army is "restaffing" the policy, which would have required teleworkers to turn off or remove smart devices, such as Amazon Echo speakers, from their remote workspaces.

Post-pandemic telework infrastructure

With a year of remote experience and the prospect of hybrid operations on the horizon, IT leaders are drafting plans for long-term secure access and more effective collaboration.

What Bosses Really Think of Remote Workers

COMMENTARY | People Who Work From Home Get Fewer Raises and Promotions. But There Might be a Way to Avoid the Remote-work Penalty.