With federal funds flowing, weatherization workforce poised for growth

Industry and community leaders are trying to build organizational systems to match the supply of weatherization workers with growing demand.

Catching Zs: 4 ways to tap the incoming wave of young workplace talent

COMMENTARY | Connecting with potential hires requires agencies to offer flexible, digital work arrangements, along with an opportunity to meaningfully shape their communities and their world.

Data literacy 101: Building a public sector workforce for the future

Failure to understand data is more dangerous to states and localities than ever, and there’s a big gap between what public employees know about data and what they need to know.

No longer just nice to have: Data literacy essential to digital government

While more data-mature cities are seeing payoffs from upskilling staff, even small gains can make a big difference.

Data literacy: the drive to educate the public sector workforce

As data-based decision-making becomes ever more important, data academies begin to blossom in local government.

Apprenticeship programs are growing as the public sector faces workforce shortages

Registered apprenticeships, infrequently used by state and local governments in the past, are gaining the attention of staff-starved agencies.

Democrats face a balancing act in advancing clean energy initiatives

Despite some skepticism, auto unions recently approved new labor agreements that invest big in the nation’s transition to clean energy. Three Democratic governors are calling it a win. Plus, more news to use from around the country in this week's State and Local Roundup.

Juries often struggle to understand forensic science. A short training video could help.

COMMENTARY | One out of every five wrongful convictions cataloged through September 2023 involved improper forensic evidence. Studies indicate that just a little training could help jurors avoid sending innocent people to prison.

AI will bring dramatic change in the next three years, say local government IT execs

But better training on the emerging technology is needed and should be mandatory, according to a new survey.

States will soon be required to track post-welfare employment outcomes

The new rule, part of the debt deal struck in June, is a bipartisan effort by Congress to improve welfare assistance and lift recipients out of poverty.

Most cities' climate plans don’t plan for a green workforce, report says

As cities look to meet ambitious climate goals, many are missing key details in their plans to build the workforce they will need.

The nation’s biggest public union wants to help fix the workforce shortage

The group has launched a listening tour and has already received feedback from state and local workers on what governments can do to attract and retain employees.

Skills-Based Hiring: How the Public Sector Can Use It to Their Advantage

COMMENTARY | Government can’t compete with the private sector in pay, but placing a greater emphasis on practical skill sets could give it an edge.

Cyber training expands to local leaders

The National Cybersecurity Center will offer the training every two years, and push local governments to take advantage of free resources and information-sharing.

Cyber range training for government IT pros, students

Colorado Cyber Range is designed to help local governments, school districts and critical infrastructure organizations build a more secure future.

Pentagon moves to revamp online education systems

As the pandemic increases the need for online learning, the Defense Department's chief management officer pushes change.