To address racial inequity, many leaders are starting with a map

GIS helps policymakers visualize inequality and identify where community needs are greatest, prodding society to more equitable outcomes.

Demographic, economic census data for COVID-19 response

The Census Bureau has launched a resource page that highlights demographic and economic data decision-makers can use for more effective response to the pandemic.

Data-driven decisions require data-first culture

To create an environment in which data-driven decision-making can thrive, agencies need to provide analytic capabilities that require no coding and that are intuitive to non-experts.

'America’s data agency' makes economic info more visual

The Commerce Department wants to give users a way to better understand economic data.

Mission-driven data visualization

Data visualization does not have to come in the form of a dashboard. Key performance indicators certainly have their place, but agencies at all levels of government are making data visualization an integral tool for critical missions.

Connect with state & local government leaders

Boston builds out data visualization

Boston is using Tableau Software to speed up inspection processes and improve government operations.

Mapsense aims to tame location data streams

The company is building tools to visualize and analyze streaming location data from smartphones and sensors.

Power BI expands access to data sources

The newest version of Power BI, Microsoft’s cloud service that lets users create, analyze and share data visualizations includes connectors to a variety of cloud-based data sources, including, the main index of government open data.

How analytics tools can help agencies sharpen e-discovery

With the use of advanced analytics tools, legal e-discovery workflows can often be streamlined to eliminate multiple review passes that characterize manual reviews in the discovery process.

4 habits of highly effective open data portals

Data analysis software and other business intelligence tools can help create an open data portal that is both compelling and transparent, while saving time and money.

Power to the people: CMU dashboard puts a face on energy use

A Web-based dashboard developed by a Carnegie Mellon University team shows that energy may be used more efficiently when end users are handed control.

Gartner: 10 trends for smart government

The market research firm identified 10 strategic technology trends and described how government IT managers can apply them to their innovation efforts.

Visual analytics app gives police a nearly omniscient view

Purdue University researchers' VALET combines crime, traffic, geospatial, weather and other data on one screen for real-time situational awareness and predictive capabilities.

For gov simulation creators, 13 might be the charm

Presagis' updated modeling and simulation suite speeds application development.

NOAA puts 170 years of hurricane history into one interactive site

Historical Hurricane Tracks lets users customize their searches and shows the tracks of hurricanes around the globe as far back as 1842, along with details on each storm.

Visual analytics help Florida tell the story of juvenile justice reform

The state's Department of Juvenile Justice uses Tableau Software for an interactive view of juvenile programs that can be filtered from the statewide to county level.

A better way for supercomputers to search large data sets

Scientists at Berkeley lab develop "distributed merge trees" that let researchers take advantage of massively parallel architectures to sift through the noise and find what they're looking for.

Splunk gives admins deeper analytic dive into virtualization systems

Splunk App for VMware 3.0 lets admins monitor IT operations and correlate data from virtualized data center systems and technologies.

Analytics, Web services boost Decision Lens software

Latest version of the software used by several large agencies helps managers more easily compare priorities and viewpoints between teams across their organizations.

NIH wants info on data analysis software for biomedical research

NIH is seeking input on analysis methods related to compressing, formatting, mapping and visualizing data.