Voting Reform

GOP attorneys general charge into battle over state election rules

If the 2024 election is contested, Republican AGs look well-placed to push conservative legal arguments that could directly influence court decisions and infiltrate the broader public debate, experts say.

There are 100,000 fewer Election Day polling places in 2024

A major Supreme Court decision, a pandemic and localized issues have all conspired to reduce the number of physical voting locations. Advocates say that’s bad for democracy.

State elections board debates using race as a criterion in signature verification pilot

A North Carolina pilot program looks to verify mailed ballots using a signature-matching software after a debate over using race to ensure diversity.

Missouri becomes the 14th state with a majority-women supreme court

Abortion and gender-affirming care for trans youth could be among the issues the court faces.

Supreme Court to hear arguments in key case about gerrymandering

COMMENTARY | An upcoming Supreme Court case that turns on race and party could affect how state legislatures shape voting maps and how Americans vote for decades to come.

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As ranked choice voting gains momentum, parties in power push back

This year, several states banned the increasingly popular voting system.

In reversal, some states make it harder for people with felony convictions to vote

Voting rights groups have filed a flurry of legal challenges to felony disenfranchisement laws this year.

Ohio voters are deciding if it’s too easy to pass ballot measures. Other states are watching.

What Ohio voters decide on Aug. 8 is likely to shape whether similar efforts to restrict ballot measures are brought in other states.

More States Allow Residents With Felony Convictions to Vote

Nearly half the states in the U.S. now allow people previously convicted of felonies to vote.

States Take New Steps to Stop Election Mistruths From Going Viral

To combat the rising threat, some states are bringing on cybersecurity specialists to comb social media and flag posts that spread falsehoods about the voting process. Others have launched ad campaigns to counter disinformation.

Rank-choice Voting Advances as Election Deniers, Voting Right Limitations Gain Traction

Two states and dozens of other jurisdictions have adopted ranked-choice voting for at least some elections.

Voters in This State Could Take Away Governor's Regulatory Authority

The Kansas measure, which will be on the November ballot, would amend the state constitution to give the legislature veto power over everything from police certification to banking regulations to the sale of wild mushrooms.

Republican Election Deniers Rack Up State Level Primary Wins

Former President Trump's clout in state elections was on display this week. In Arizona, his picks for governor and five seats in the legislature won their primaries. In Michigan, five of 10 Trump-endorsed legislative candidates on the ballot prevailed.

Election Laws in Red and Blue States are Changing. Here's How

With primaries underway and this year's November elections approaching, lawmakers in Republican and Democratic states have overhauled laws to both increase and tighten ballot access.

Paper Shortage Threatens to Cause Election Problems

Troubles finding paper for ballots and other materials is just one of the challenges state election officials raised in testimony Thursday on Capitol Hill.

Contentious Fringe Legal Theory Could Reshape State Election Laws

Legal scholars argue the “independent state legislature doctrine” is a radical theory that could disenfranchise voters.

Paper Shortage for Ballots Could Pose Difficulties for Elections

Ballots and other materials require special high-quality paper that some communities may find in short supply, experts warn.

Is it Time for Ranked-choice Voting in the US?

COMMENTARY | Advocates argue that ranked-choice voting solves the problems of other voting methods, while detractors counter that it makes elections unnecessarily complicated.

How Republicans Are Using Preemption to Advance Voter Suppression

COMMENTARY | Expect GOP-led states to continue restricting voting rights in 2022.

Elections Officials Are Still Receiving Death Threats and Harassment About the 2020 Election. They’re Asking Congress For Help.

Three state and local election officials testified before a Senate committee about their terrifying experiences since last year’s election in support of proposed voting reform legislation.