Parched California Prepares for First-Ever Colorado River Cuts

State officials are nearing an agreement that would leave 10% of California's allocation in reservoirs next year.

‘Do Not Drink the Water,’ Mississippi Governor Tells Jackson Area’s 250,000 Residents

“The city cannot produce enough water to fight fires, to flush toilets and to meet other critical needs,” Gov. Tate Reeves said.

What Brought Down One Texas County’s Entire Elections Department? It Was Something in the Water

Aggrieved anti-fluoride activists, low pay and understaffing eventually drove away Gillespie County’s election officials.

Cities Can Apply for Free Monitoring of Sewage for Signs of Monkeypox

The National League of Cities is accepting applications for the new program and will select 50 localities to participate. The initiative will build on efforts to track Covid-19 in wastewater.

Toxic Algal Blooms are Driving Up Water Costs in the Great Lakes

In Toledo, Ohio, monitoring and treating algae-contaminated water from Lake Erie costs $100 per family per year.

How One State is Helping its Cities Find Their Toxic Lead Pipes

Ohio is investing in technology for mapping lead water pipes in communities statewide as part of an initiative to locate, remove and replace them.

EPA Seeks Funding to Improve Water System Cybersecurity

The agency aims to invest $4 billion in upgrades to the nation’s water and wastewater infrastructure with a strong focus on quashing cyberattacks.

6 Million in California Faced With Sharp Restrictions on Water Use

Drought is draining reservoirs, again. “This is a crisis” said one official, adding: “We cannot afford green lawns.”

Private Lands Are the Next Battleground in State Conservation Policy

Conserving 30% of U.S. lands and waters by 2030 depends on private landowners.

Wastewater Testing Programs Need Better Coordination, Data Standards

Wastewater surveillance systems are helping communities predict Covid-19 outbreaks, but lack of national coordination and standardized pose challenges to wider adoption, according to the Government Accountability Office.

Colorado Moves Toward Statewide Coverage of Wastewater Surveillance

As the state expands wastewater surveillance and testing to cover 47 utilities serving 60% of Colorado's population, residents can review results on a public dashboard.

How Some States Could Get Shorted With Lead Pipe Removal Funds

There are concerns that EPA is distributing billions of dollars in the infrastructure law based on an outdated study that does not consider how many dangerous pipes each state has.

Supreme Court Steps Into a Fight Over State Permitting Power

An order from the high court means that Trump-era guidelines imposing new limits on state authority to approve or deny energy infrastructure projects will remain in effect as the Biden administration works on a rewrite of the rules.

A Top Senate Democrat Signals Support for Billions More in Water Quality Grants for States

But Republican opposition to Biden’s energy policies could thwart the president's hope for a significant EPA funding boost.

Is Federal Overreach ‘Creeping’ Into New Water Infrastructure Guidance?

The top Republican on a Senate subcommittee is expressing concerns about EPA's rules for how states use federal drinking water and wastewater funds, while others are calling for Congress to ease the threat of taking back money from states.

Why States Want Changes to Programs Providing Billions in Water Funds

As the infrastructure law unleashes a wave of federal cash for water system upgrades, officials are pressing for tweaks in how governments can access and spend the money.

Biden Wants to Send Even More Federal Dollars to States and Localities

The president's budget plan would raise spending in areas like housing and law enforcement. The proposals come as billions in pandemic aid is flowing to the state and local level.

Senate Lawmakers Want to Overhaul How Wastewater Funds are Divided

There's general bipartisan agreement on the need for changes, but the specifics get complicated. Whether to send more money to growing states poses one stumbling block.

Seaweed Farming Has Vast Potential (But Good Luck Getting a Permit)

Most coastal states have little experience with ocean farms and some are trying to ease the permitting process.