As Colorado River Basin States Confront Water Shortages, it’s Time to Focus on Reducing Demand

The federal government has declared a water shortage that will mean reductions in how much states can pull from the strained river system.

Infrastructure Bill Falls Billions Short on Funding to Replace Lead Pipes

Local leaders and water advocates say up to $60 billion is needed to clean up the dangerous national drinking water pipe problem but the infrastructure package provides only about $15 billion.

For-profit Water Infrastructure Should Not Get Taxpayer Subsidies

COMMENTARY | Most federal infrastructure proposals allow subsidies to flow to private water corporations. This amounts to a misuse of public funds.

The West Can End the Water Wars Now

Far-right radicals in Southern Oregon are threatening to bust open an irrigation canal. Instead, the region could be a model for managing watersheds in a warmer world.

Crumbling Water Facilities Need Central Role in Infrastructure Proposals

COMMENTARY | America’s network of drinking water plants, wastewater treatment facilities and subterranean pipes is in dire need of fixing. It has been deteriorating for years, jeopardizing the health of millions.

US Southwest, Already Parched, Sees ‘Virtual Water’ Drain Abroad

As the Colorado River Basin enters yet another year of drought, global companies are worsening the water crisis.

EPA Announces Intent to Give Governments Back More Authority Over Clean Water Act Rule

Last year 21 state attorneys general sued over a rule change to the act implemented by the Trump administration, saying it lessens states’ abilities to combat pollution.

In Wisconsin, Residents Bear the Impacts of ‘Forever Chemicals’

Four years after a facility disclosed water contamination, locals are using bottled water to cook and battling cancer.

GOP Senators Raise Infrastructure Counteroffer to $928B

Republicans and the White House are still far apart on the size of the package. And there are few signs of agreement on how to pay for it, with GOP lawmakers looking to repurpose Covid funding.

How Much Will it Cost to Replace All Lead Water Pipes in the U.S.?

The initial price is high, but the public health and economic benefits outweigh the costs in the long run, according to research by the Hutchins Center at the Brookings Institution.

Water Wells Are at Risk of Going Dry in the US and Worldwide

COMMENTARY | Unfortunately, pervasive pumping is causing groundwater levels to decline.

Wildfires Can Poison Drinking Water – Here’s How Communities Can be Better Prepared

COMMENTARY | Communities need to upgrade building codes to keep wildfires from causing this kind of widespread contamination of drinking water systems.

Poll: Water Pollution Americans' Top Environmental Concern

Among six environmental harms people are most worried about, polluted drinking water and lakes and rivers continually rank high on an annual Gallup survey.

Amid Drought, California Contests Nestlé’s Water Rights

Nestlé siphoned 58 million gallons of water from a creek outside of LA last year. Are they taking more than their share?

Biden’s Infrastructure Plan Targets Lead Pipes that Threaten Public Health Across the US

COMMENTARY | This effort would affect an estimated 6 million to 10 million homes, along with 400,000 schools and child care facilities.

Longer, More Frequent Droughts Hit Western US

COMMENTARY | Periods of drought in the western United States have become longer over the past 50 years, according to a new study.

Interstate Water Wars are Heating Up Along With the Climate

COMMENTARY | Sates should put at least as much effort into reducing water use as they do into litigation, because there are no guaranteed winners in water lawsuits.

Cities Battle Another Long-Lasting Covid Reminder: PPE Litter

Discarded masks and plastic gloves are turning up on beaches and in waterways with increasing frequency.

Why Wall Street Investors’ Trading California Water Futures is Nothing to Fear – and Unlikely to Work Anyway

COMMENTARY | Futures won’t affect whether there’s water in the hose

Water Being Pumped Into Tampa Bay Could Cause a Massive Algae Bloom, Putting Fragile Manatee and Fish Habitats at Risk

Contaminated water that's being emptied from a leaking reservoir at an abandoned phosphate plant is the latest threat to marine ecosystems in the region.