Community groups step up to help rural agencies’ disaster recovery

Organizations like long-term recovery groups can help rural agencies get housing, financial, health care and food assistance to victims of natural disasters.

Today’s real-time wildfire data helps prepare for a changing climate

Rapid response and early detection data tools are helping agencies paint a clearer picture of incoming wildfire risks.

‘Disaster gentrification’ looms over Lahaina

The Hawaii city is recovering after a wildfire killed at least 115 people and destroyed more than 2,000 buildings. A top concern for officials is preventing local residents from being priced out.

AI can help forecast air quality, but freak events like 2023’s summer of wildfire smoke require traditional methods too

COMMENTARY | As state and local governments grapple with worsening wildfire conditions, one expert says a combination of machine learning and chemical transport models can produce more accurate air quality forecasts.

Researchers demo geotargeted wildfire alerts sent to vehicles

The Department of Homeland Security is testing how remote sensors and public warning systems can deliver timely, actionable wildfire alerts to the public.

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How NYC Officials Failed to Prepare for an Air Quality Crisis

"It’s been a lackluster, underwhelming, frankly problematic response."

Controlled Burns Help Prevent Wildfires. Regulations Have Made It Nearly Impossible to Do Them.

Even though the 2021 Marshall Fire made it clear that the fire threat posed by Colorado’s grasslands endangers large urban areas, federal, state and local rules continue to make it difficult to address the risk.

Spring Wildfires in the Eastern US Got Off to a Roaring Start This Year

It may not be as dramatic as when the West burns, but an unseasonably warm, dry winter could make fire season longer and more intense.

Oregon Tried to Inform Residents About Wildfire Risk. The Backlash was Explosive.

Homeowners fear the state will devalue their properties by publicizing their fire risk.

A New Tech Tool to Help Communities Confront Climate Risks

The just-launched federal website provides a range of information around extreme weather and natural disasters.

Public Health Agencies Lack Money to Combat Climate Threats

A study says climate change has worsened 58% of known infectious diseases.

The Biden Team Announces Pay Raises of Up to $20,000 Annually for Federal Firefighters

The pay increases, authorized as part of the bipartisan infrastructure law, will be retroactive to October 2021.

Feds Unveil New Plan to Combat Wildfire Dangers

The strategy emphasizes preventative measures, like thinning and controlled burns, on lands that pose high risks.