Zika Threat Prompts New Mosquito Spraying Effort in Miami

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Why Miami Was a Perfect Gateway for Zika

The virus showed up months—or even years—before anyone realized it was there.

Zika Makes Microcephaly 20 Times More Likely

A new CDC report begins to quantify the devastating effects the virus has on children.

Route Fifty Special Report: The Health Data Equation

We’re featuring three stories of state and local governments using data to deliver critical health services, make better decisions and improve their communities in the process.

Connect with state & local government leaders

‘Zika Isn’t Gone, It’s Sleeping’

State and local governments will continue to confront a difficult and potentially costly public health challenge this year.

Pesticides Aren’t the Best Way to Fight Zika-Carrying Mosquitoes

Chemical spraying is less sustainable than other mosquito-fighting methods, and may give people a false sense of security.

Why Winter Won't Kill Zika

Colder weather kills mosquitoes, but it doesn't mean the virus is no longer a threat.

Miami-Area Mayors vs. Florida Dept. of Health; Montana’s Fish Kill Economic Impacts

Also in our State and Local Weekend News Digest: A Google Maps vanishing act; a stinky reservoir in Columbus, Ohio; expensive suicide nets for Golden Gate Bridge.

Florida's Zika Image Problem

Governor Rick Scott declared victory over the virus in a small Miami neighborhood and businesses rejoiced—but nearby, two people had recently become infected.

Anti-Zika Mosquito Spraying Kills Millions of Bees in South Carolina County

On the heels of travel-related Zika cases, the county used a spray that’s effective in controlling mosquitos, and highly toxic to bees.

Zika Travel Advisory Could Harm Tax Collections in Miami

Revenue implications could grow more serious if the current warning is expanded or lasts through the winter tourism season, according to Moody’s Investors Service.

Obama Administration Responds to GOP Claims About Unspent Zika Funding

As the public health situation is “getting critical,” Congress left for a summer break without finalizing a funding package to combat the virus.

New Orleans Ramps Up Zika Fight in Wake of Florida Cases

With federal funding in limbo, Mayor Mitch Landrieu has announced the city will shell out $500,000 in additional money to help prevent the spread of the virus.