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Alex Brown


Despite setbacks, states are still counting on offshore wind

Canceled projects threaten more than half the offshore wind capacity under contract with states.


Western states look to these lands for new affordable housing

State-owned trust lands were created to support schools and other community benefits.


Offshore Wind in the Midwest? Some Great Lakes Leaders Think So.

The lakes have massive energy potential, but harnessing it will be a big challenge.

Emerging Tech

States debate whether to restrict—or invite—crypto mining

Cryptocurrency mining is coming under fire as some officials raise concerns over its effect on climate goals. But others argue cryptocurrency's potential for economic development should not be overlooked.


'Green Banks,' Poised for Billions in Climate Funds, Draw States' Attention

These banks provide financing for projects from efficient appliances to solar panels.

Digital Government

These hyperlocal weather networks can help states face climate threats

Thirty-eight states are building weather monitoring networks to collect localized data that helps identify weather extremes, preparing local leaders' responses to such events.

Emerging Tech

E-bikes gain momentum as a climate, traffic solution

Electric bike adoption is rising as a cheaper, easier-to-implement alternative to electric vehicles in states like Colorado and Hawaii.


States Take on PFAS ‘Forever Chemicals’ With Bans, Lawsuits

Rising awareness has prompted action in more than two dozen states.


Public Health Agencies Lack Money to Combat Climate Threats

A study says climate change has worsened 58% of known infectious diseases.


Private Lands Are the Next Battleground in State Conservation Policy

Conserving 30% of U.S. lands and waters by 2030 depends on private landowners.


Baseball Players Press Lawmakers for Minor League Labor Standards

“Every politician says they love baseball,” said Iowa state House candidate J.D. Scholten, a former minor league pitcher.


States Grapple With Allowing High School Athlete Endorsements

“This is not going to go away, so how do we find a way to uphold the core values of education-based athletic?"


Seaweed Farming Has Vast Potential (But Good Luck Getting a Permit)

Most coastal states have little experience with ocean farms and some are trying to ease the permitting process.


Booster Mandates Are a Tough Call for States, Businesses

New Mexico is the first and only state to require boosters for its employees.


Salmon to Swim Free as Infrastructure Money Flows

The Biden infrastructure law includes $1B to remove fish barriers in several states.