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Alexandra Kelley

Alexandra Kelley
Alexandra Kelley reports on emerging technology for Nextgov. Her most recent post was covering breaking news for The Hill where she focused on a variety of quantitative subjects, including Big Tech and the economy, in addition to covering the coronavirus pandemic since late 2019. She graduated from Kenyon College in 2017.
Tech & Data

Census Bureau Launches Interactive Demographic Map

The My Community Explorer tool aims to provide transparency on racial and income data across the country.

Tech & Data

Lawmakers Request Support in Broadband Rollouts

House Democrats asked the National Telecommunications and Information Administration to help make good on broadband development with bipartisan infrastructure funding.

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Schools Would Receive Funding for Cyber Education Programs Under Bipartisan Bill

The proposed Cybersecurity Grants For Schools Act establishes mandated federal grants to schools to promote cybersecurity education. 

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Commerce Issues States $277M in Grants to Build Out Broadband

Millions were dispersed across 12 states to develop stronger internet infrastructure, a key mission in the Biden administration agenda.


Department of Energy Launches New Program To Overhaul US Electrical Grid

Engaging local, state and tribal governments will be a hallmark feature of the new initiative as the federal government works to expand access and make systems more resilient.

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Transportation Secretary Pushes for Government Support for Vehicle Innovation

Pete Buttigieg doubled down on the government's role in fostering a strong environment for emerging tech like electric cars and buses and automated vehicles. 

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White House AI Initiative Launches Public Research Support Tools

The National Artificial Intelligence Initiative Office opened a new page dedicated to providing AI researchers with sophisticated tools to bolster research projects.


Report: US Workforce Falling Behind in Digital Skills

Experts advocate for strengthening K-12 school curriculum and tax breaks for reskilling existing workers.

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Senators Urge Better Cyber Protection For K-12 Schools

A recent Government Accountability Office report dove into how virtual classrooms are increasing vulnerability to ransomware and other cyber threats.

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Most Employees Want Stronger Cybersecurity Standards in the Workplace, Survey Finds

Two-thirds of respondents found national cybersecurity guidelines to be “extremely” or “very” valuable.

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Broadband Dominates Tech Funding In Infrastructure Bill

Funds will go to expanding broadband and 5G connectivity nationwide.

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Bill Supports the Expansion and Development of 6G Infrastructure

A bipartisan bill would establish a council to oversee and implement 6G broadband access across the country.