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Top 10 Cities for Relocations

Eight of the top places people moved to last year are in the South and Southwest, according to a new report.

Smart Cities

How to Draft Effective Energy-Efficient Building Policies

A new report offers recommendations to governments about better design and implementation of these policies and the program evaluations.


How Rethinking Land Use Can Boost Local Government Revenue

Governments looking to make revenue streams more dependable should consider revisiting land-use regulations, incentives and taking other steps, says a recent report.


How a Small City Pushed Ahead with its Downtown Revival, Despite the Pandemic

Lorain, Ohio Mayor Jack Bradley describes how he worked to keep momentum going during the past two years with a downtown “renaissance.”


How Employee Well-Being May Improve With a 4-Day Workweek

A new Gallup poll takes a look, but also finds that worker engagement doesn't necessarily rise by shaving a day from the standard full-time schedule.


The US Cities Most Attractive to Renters

There was a 10% increase in rental applications nationwide last year, and millennials were the generational group that moved around the most, a new report shows.


US Cities Where Housing Prices Are Falling

Home prices reached record highs during the pandemic, but they are declining in some localities across the country, according to a recent report.


5 Things Women Job Seekers Want

Women want better pay and work-life balance but also value working in diverse organizations, among other factors, a new Gallup poll reveals.

Public Safety

The US Cities With the Largest Park Systems

Washington, D.C. held the No. 1 spot on the ParkScore index for the second consecutive year. Other top cities are spread across the country.


Black Homeownership Declines as Overall Rate Rises

Homeownership rates for White, Asian and Hispanic Americans reached all-time highs in 2020, but fell to 43% for Black families, according to one report.


How Managers Can Become More Effective Leaders

A new report from Gallup identifies seven leadership traits found among managers of high performing teams, and offers tips for how to develop these skills.


The States Where Motorists Pay the Most for Auto Insurance

A new report also looks at the places where rates are the highest compared to income.

Health & Human Services

Cities With the Worst Air Pollution in the US

More than 40% of people live in places with unhealthy air quality, according to a recent report.


Affordable Housing Can Lift Nearby Home Values

A new Urban Institute study shows that for one city, property values in above- and below-median-income areas rose slightly when affordable housing was built nearby.


Employers Aggressively Recruiting Workers Not Seeking New Jobs

The increase in remote work has led to “boundary-less” recruiting, giving companies access to a larger pool of candidates, a new report shows.

Health & Human Services

The Most Livable Cities in the US

AARP published an index that measures how “livable” communities nationwide are, and ranks the top ones that meet residents' needs as they grow older.

Public Safety

Best and Worst States for Women

A recent analysis looked at gender pay gaps, paid family leave, child care costs and domestic violence rates among other things.

Public Safety

An Invasive 'Jumping' Worm Spreads in the US, Threatening Forests

The worm is now showing up in multiple states. Its voracious eating habits could harm native wildlife and plants. Scientists say there isn't a way to combat the pest on a widespread scale.


Cities With the Lowest Home Prices in the US

Housing prices are soaring and interest rates are rising, but median home prices in these places are less than $185,000.


Women-owned Businesses More Adversely Impacted By Pandemic

Covid-19 affected women-headed firms disproportionally mainly because stay-at-home orders and school and day care closures resulted in “unpaid” jobs at home, a new paper shows.