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Annie McDonough

is a tech and policy reporter at City & State.

NYC Municipal Employees Call for Hybrid Work in Face of Mayor's Return-to-Office Demands

“I’m too tired to be really angry about it anymore,” one worker said of city hall's mandatory in person work policy.


Can New York Court and Regulate the Crypto Industry at the Same Time?

Some state lawmakers are making enemies in the cryptocurrency industry as New York City Mayor Eric Adams tries to woo it.


Amazon Workers on Staten Island Vote to Join First Union

Self-organized workers at a large Amazon facility on Staten Island made history by voting to become the company’s first labor union.


NYC Employees Eyeing the Exits as Mayor Insists on In-person Work

Mayor Eric Adams has been adamant that workers come into their offices full time. But municipal employees looking for remote work flexibility warn of a morale crisis and service slowdowns.


One State's New Unionization Movement

Starbucks, newsrooms and farms are some of the places in New York where organizing is beginning to take hold.

Smart Cities

In New York, Cryptocurrency Industry Sees an Opening

Incoming New York City Mayor Eric Adams is just one government official in the state taking a more open-minded approach to virtual currency.


New York City Gives 800K+ Noncitizens the Right to Vote

As the City Council passes a historic voting rights bill, advocates look to ensure its successful implementation.


Will New York Pull the Plug on Bitcoin Mining?

The state blocked two new power plants for not aligning with new climate goals, and environmentalists hope cryptocurrency mining plants will get the boot next.

Public Safety

Cops at Black Lives Matter Protests Who Used 'Kettling' Tactics Could Face Suspension, Termination

New York City’s police watchdog organization suggests disciplinary action for 65 officers who employed pepper spray and corralled protestors during last summer’s protests.


Food Delivery Workers Won New Protections in New York City. Can the State Keep Up?

The historic legislation guaranteed ride-hailing drivers and delivery workers minimum pay, but statewide reforms are harder to come by.

Tech & Data

Covid-19 Technology is Failing Us

The executive director of the Surveillance Technology Oversight Project weighs in on the failures of contact tracing apps, vaccine passports and why an analog approach to fighting the pandemic is sometimes best.