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Bob Fortna

Bob Fortna is president and board member of Fortinet Federal Inc.

Security-driven networking: The foundation of digital transformation

The convergence of networking and security improves visibility, encourages the orchestration of security policies and promotes a unified threat response.


How IT teams can securely accelerate cloud adoption

With a security-driven network approach, IT teams can establish a single, cohesive security strategy across their entire distributed network.


Accelerating digital transformation with advanced security

Combating the threats introduced by digital transformation requires correlating event data, sharing real-time threat intelligence and supporting automated incident response.


The critical need for automation in agency cyber defense

With a system of integrated, orchestrated security solutions, agencies can shorten the time to detection so that forensic analysis can begin immediately and defenses hardened.


Securing the federal hybrid cloud

By weaving traditionally isolated security resources together into an integrated security fabric, agencies can share threat intelligence and implement automation to make decisions at machine speeds.


Data center of the future: 5 key elements

Powerful, streamlined data center operations will give agencies the infrastructure they need to handle future demands.