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Brandon Shopp

Brandon Shopp is group vice president of product strategy for SolarWinds.

3 ways states can start paying down technical debt

After identifying inefficient systems, CIOs must build a case for reducing technical debt that includes managing project risk and performance impacts.


Quantum computing is reality, not fiction. Here’s how agencies can prepare

Establishing supply chains -- infrastructure, network and security -- for quantum computing is a formidable and far-reaching task that must start now.


3 ways agencies can fix their lagging digital verification infrastructures

To ramp up authentication safeguards, agencies should monitor for leaked credentials, enforce agencywide access controls and promptly share threat information with the appropriate authorities.


How automation takes the time and guesswork out of security compliance

With automation, IT teams can spot the moment a configuration starts to drift from security baselines and proactively notify administrators in near-real-time.


How the State Department can overcome the trade-offs of its multicloud strategy

By sharpening their skills and adopting new tools designed for the complexities of hybrid environments, agencies can transform their operating model and do more with less -- without the trade-offs.

Digital Government

How the IT service desk can help agencies advance workforce modernization

Leveraging a tool like the service desk for HR processes can help agencies prioritize and fulfill employee needs quickly and efficiently.