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Claire Bailey

Claire Bailey is the director, Federal, State and Local Solutions, Compuware.

What crashing COBOL systems reveal about applications maintenance

What we’re seeing right now is the direct result of some states’ failure to properly update and maintain critical COBOL code.


The issue isn’t the mainframe, it’s the mindset

True technologists recognize the mainframe’s strategic relevance has only increased, demonstrating its reliability, security and transactional performance efficiency.


'Cloud Smart' does not mean 'cloud always'

Cloud Smart endorses a real-world application of cloud technology, incorporating all that government IT teams have learned about the cloud and their own apps over the last eight years.


A better modernization strategy for cloud-obsessed agencies

A hybrid IT approach would allow agencies to take advantage of the cloud while continuing to leverage the mainframe’s unique strengths.

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As the MGT Act rolls forward, it's time to debunk mainframe myths

Modernizing government technology should not mean replacing the dependable mainframe powerhouses that process increasingly complex workloads.

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The death of bimodal IT: Why only one speed (fast) will do

Speeding up the mainframe development environment so that developers can toggle between mainframe and more modern platforms easily and fluidly will help agencies meet service delivery goals and attract new talent.