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988-hotline counselors air concerns: more training needed to juggle a mix of calls

Dozens of crisis counselors responded to a survey about their work experiences, painting a picture of uneven training, uncertainty about how long to stay on the line, and different policies on whether to inform a caller when police are on their way.

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An Outdated Tracking System Is a Key Factor in Texas’ Foster Care Shortcomings

The decades-old system foster care officials use to track and monitor the health records of the nearly 20,000 children in their custody is both outdated and unreliable—so much so, advocates say, that children have been harmed or put at risk.


An outdated tracking system is a key factor in Texas’ foster care shortcomings

The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services tracks foster children's health records using a system that's older than Google, but efforts to upgrade it over the years have have been few and far between.