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David Hubler

David Hubler is the former print managing editor for GCN and senior editor for Washington Technology. He is freelance writer living in Annandale, Va.

NIST to build cybersecurity framework, with your help

NIST issues an RFI for voluntary standards and best practices for industry to reduce cyber risks to networks and computers that support critical infrastructure.

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Mobile management shifting toward the enterprise

Mobile App Manager from F5 Networks could make BYOD more secure by moving responsibility for security from the device to the network.

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Russian crews helped NASA restore space station comm

NASA used Russian ground stations to regain contact with the space station after a 3-hour outage while upgrading command and control software.

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Agencies see value of mobile, though adoption is slow-mo

Using mobile devices saves money and increases productivity, and although agencies have been slow to adopt the technology, there are signs of acceleration this year, a Deloitte study finds.

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Postal Service seeks ideas on a 'dynamic routing system'

The USPS has asked companies and private citizens to devise a dynamic routing system that could improve mail delivery, keep the agency competitive and cut into its massive debt.

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What will smart cities get smart about this year?

The worldwide smart city movement, a growing force for innovation and technology, will face several key drivers that will influence the direction of the program this year.

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Better gun checks require better IT systems

The debate over stricter gun control laws could be moot if the agencies charged with managing firearms registration don't improve their IT systems.

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W.Va.'s online survey preps move to health exchange

Preparing for the new provisions of the Affordable Care Act that will kick in next year, West Virginia has introduced an online survey to judge how ready its health care practitioners are for the coming changes.

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GSA goes online to teach feds how to travel

GSA unveils travel training courses with the assistance of D.C.-based Blackboard aimed at instructing all federal workers how to behave while on travel status.


Cities partner with Yelp to post restaurant health ratings

San Francisco is posting restaurants' health score data on Yelp, New York will do the same soon, and other cities could follow.

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6 IT trends to watch on campus in 2013

Universities will need to bolster wireless networks, accommodate all kinds of mobile devices and learn to use big data to their advantage, experts say.

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VA targets paperless claims processing in 2013

Agency has transitioned 18 regional offices to the new system with the remaining 38 expected to join during 2013.

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Predictive analysis grows as crime-prevention tool

Police departments are adding the algorithm-driven software to their public safety arsenal to reduce felony crimes.


Microsoft acts to plug watering hole attack

Microsoft responds with temporary mitigations and workarounds for a zero-day vulnerability in Internet Explorer, but some IE versions remain at risk.

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Census launches online option for annual community survey

The American Community Survey, the only source of local estimates for most of the 40 topics it covers, will save on printing and processing.


HP launches pay-per-use model for modernizing networks

Some analysts say the FlexNetwork Utility Advantage Program offers a new model for modernizing network infrastructure.

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USGS digs deep for national geologic website upgrade

The redesigned National Geologic Map Database has significantly improved technology and makes more information available to the public.


IRS modernization could expose taxpayer data

The IT modernization effort needs to improve access controls, physical security and other key areas, a Treasury IG warns in a newly released report.

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Volunteer vets enlist battlefield tech to aid storm relief

Team Rubicon is using software normally used to manage soldiers to coordinate volunteers helping to clean up the Rockaways.


Is it data or deception? US-VISIT needs to know.

Of all immigrants coming into the United States, about 825,000 fingerprint records at US-VISIT have multiple names and inconsistent birth dates.