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Dibya Sarkar

Dibya Sarkar is a freelance technology writer based in Orlando, Fla.
Digital Government

Collaboration in the Corridor: State Department site helps staff connect

With features of Facebook, Twitter and Linked In, the open source site lets State Department employees network, collaborate.


Virtual firearms training minimizes cost, and danger

The Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers is currently testing one of the most advanced, networked virtual firearms training ranges, which officials anticipate should become fully operational later this year.


Campus police test safety app with two-way, multimedia comm

Campus police at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, are testing a technology platform that integrates multimedia with real-time geo-technologies accompanied by machine learning and mobile-to-mobile security.


Navy must deal with rising tide of sensor data

A recent RAND report said that a distributed cloud system could help the Navy deal with its growing amount of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance data.


Kentucky uses health network to divert 'frequent fliers' from ERs

The state launched an initiative to provide coordinated care for "super-utilizers," patients who overuse emergency departments and hospital inpatient services.

Digital Government

Web app tracks prison probationers

The New York City Department of Probation is pioneering a new goal-tracking Web app aimed at reducing recidivism and encouraging positive behavior among those on probation.

Digital Government

Agencies make FOIA gains, but critics say it’s not enough

Federal agencies are tapping social media, records management and file exchange technology in an effort to become more transparent and effective in meeting the rising number of FOIA requests every year.

Digital Government

How agencies can use technology to meet and exceed FOIA requests

Technology not only helps the public find information, but it can help agencies manage records better, respond faster and communicate with other agencies or departments.


RFID tags curb street repair time

Dayton, Ohio, embedded radio frequency identification tags in street cuts, reducing time spent on street inspection and repair.


Agencies can get relief from social-launched attacks

Analytics software identifies threats to agencies from hackers who use social media sites to launch attacks.

Digital Government

How analytics sharpens state disease surveillance, lower costs

State public health agencies are turning to more advanced analytics in turning simple immunization registries into engines of population health management.