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Donald White

Donald White is an assistant managing editor with 1105 Government Information Group.

Anonymous comments: Some NY lawmakers say no; what say you?

A bill in the New York legislature would eliminate anonymous comments posted online. Aside from First Amendment concerns for the general public, what would such a law mean to government employees?


FBI seeks to expand wiretap law to social networks, IM, webmail

The FBI has drafted a proposal that would require social networking, webmail and IM sites, as well as voice-over-IP providers, to make their sites wiretap-ready, and it is asking those companies not to oppose the measure.

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Facebook 'Likes' not protected as free speech, judge rules

A district court judge has ruled that employees who are fired for liking something on Facebook have no legal remedy under the First Amendment.

Digital Government

iPad is the new search warrant

Butte County, Calif., says it's the first county in the state to let judges use digital signatures to issue search warrants via their iPads.


Warrantless cell-phone tracking widespread, study finds

U.S. police routinely track cell phones in their investigations, but only a tiny minority obtain warrants to do so, according to an ACLU investigation.

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Study: Most tweets not worthwhile, but you can change that

A new study found that people on Twitter said only 36 percent of the tweets that fill their feeds each day are useful. But there are ways users can improve their tweets.


Encrypted laptop can't take the Fifth, federal judge rules

Is being forced to provide your decryption password a violation of the constitutional guarantee of freedom from self-incrimination in a criminal trial? Not in the eyes of a U.S. district judge.

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Court ruling on GPS tracking: Is Big Brother in the driver's seat?

A federal judge rules that the FBI doesn't need a warrant to put a GPS tracker on a suspect's car; the Supreme Court is set to decide a similar case.

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iPads coming soon to a cockpit near you

American Airlines has won approval from the Federal Aviation Administration for its pilots to use iPads in the cockpit beginning Dec. 16.

Emerging Tech

Ga. town chooses smart grid as a service

The town of Norcross, Ga., is looking to the smart grid as a service to upgrade its electric grid and boost energy efficiency.


Wisconsin recall website hit by cyberattack

A distributed denial-of-service attack against a group seeking to recall Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has prompted calls for an investigation by the state attorney general and the FBI.

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Want to kick the smoking habit? Text messages can help.

Peer pressure may lead people to start smoking, but now technology is allowing social support for cell phone users who want to quit.


Fake Twitter accounts become a regular on campaign trail

The increasing use of fake or anonymous Twitter accounts as a political weapon is another sign of the importance of social media to political campaigns.