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Elaine S. Povich


Cursive makes a comeback—by law—in public schools

‘Keyboarding’ pushed cursive out of favor, but some lawmakers miss the script.


Plagued by teacher shortages, some states turn to fast-track credentialing

Critics worry that the faster credentialing programs could do a disservice to young students.

Digital Government

The Latest ‘Right to Repair’ Law Is the Broadest One Yet

Minnesota is the fourth state to require manufacturers to share parts and repair information with equipment owners and independent shops to more easily fix devices like phones, laptops and appliances.


As Book Bans Gain Favor, Some Say Libraries Could Go

The number of school libraries and librarians has been dwindling for decades.


States Seek to Ease Child Care Crunch

The efforts come as federal pandemic aid is set to end.


States Scramble to Replace Ripped-Off SNAP Benefits

Food stamp cards don’t have the technological or consumer protections of credit and debit cards.


States scramble to replace ripped-off SNAP benefits

Skimming devices became a common way fraudsters steal money from electronic benefits transfer cards over the last year, and now states aim to strengthen debit card security and reimburse victims of fraud.


Finally, Something Lawmakers Can (Mostly) Agree On: State Symbols

Bills to designate new symbols, from dinosaurs to pastries, just keep coming.


Trash Troubles: The Pandemic Started It; Inflation Keeps It Going

Municipalities around the nation have been plagued by inflation, hiring difficulties and trash loads that are rising in part because of the lingering work-at-home trend.


States Struggle to Curb Fake Emotional Support Animals

"This is really being exploited by people who want pets in housing that doesn’t allow pets."


States Look to Help Tenants Pay for Air Conditioning as Climate Warms

“We don’t want anybody to pass away because of something we can fix; that’s just not right.”


State AGs Want Power to Hit Airlines for Consumer Complaints

Thirty-eight attorneys general sent a letter to Congress seeking the change.


Looser Liquor Laws Boosted Restaurants — and Maybe Problem Drinking

“Covid brought about a long-delayed reckoning about how alcohol is regulated and controlled.”


As Prices Rise, the Push to End Diaper Taxes Grows

Thirty-one states charge sales tax on diapers, but a movement to eliminate those taxes is gaining ground because of record-high inflation and booming state budgets.


Without Obergefell, Most States Would Have Same-Sex Marriage Bans

The Roe v. Wade ruling has lawmakers returning to an issue many thought was settled law.

Digital Government

This state will hire you — no college degree required

Maryland has removed the four-year requirement for thousands of jobs -- including information technology specialists.


Covid Woes Prompt More States to Require Financial Literacy Classes

The pandemic has underscored how few Americans are prepared for financial emergencies.