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Elaine S. Povich

Tech & Data

Internet Ads Are a Popular Tax Target for Both Parties

Digital snooping and pandemic profits have fueled anger against tech giants.

Health & Human Services

Adoptees Press States for Access to Original Birth Certificates

New York is one of only nine states that allow adoptees unrestricted access to their original birth certificates. About a dozen states are considering bills to also do so.


Pandemic Provokes City vs. State Conflicts

The Georgia legislature approved legislation that would preempt the commission’s powers, after the panel moved toward restricting police funding. State preemption of local powers is increasing nationwide.

Health & Human Services

Pandemic-Paused Plastic Bag Bans Ripped Anew by Critics

Philadelphia’s bag ban was delayed due to the pandemic, which has derailed similar bans across the country. Eight states have anti-plastic bag laws on the books.

Tech & Data

Pandemic Drives Phone, Computer ‘Right-to-Repair’ Bills

Legislation in half the states would make it easier to fix phones and computers.

Health & Human Services

These States Found the Secret to Covid-19 Vaccination Success

A few states with smaller populations have fared better than others delivering the vaccine to their residents.

Health & Human Services

Interest Groups Lobby to Get Ahead in Vaccine Line

The lobbying to be in the "1B category" has been intense in many states. Advocates for older adults, teachers, restaurant workers, agricultural workers and others are pleading their cases.

Public Safety

Many State Capitols Have Security Holes

“We're deeply concerned for what's likely to come in the coming months in state capitols."


Deepening Statehouse Divisions Foretell Big Policy Fights

Staunchly partisan lawmakers may heed their most ardent constituents.


Fearing Delays and Chaos, Swing States Weigh Early Counting of Mail-In Ballots

Some states, including Michigan and Pennsylvania, prohibit processing absentee ballots until Election Day. Right now, leaders are considering changing that to avoid long delays about the results of the November election.


Virtual Learning Means Unequal Learning

Virtual learning is harder for younger, special needs children.


Coronavirus Fraudsters Keep Prosecutors Busy

State AGs track millions in false loan and unemployment claims.


Same Mission, Different Pay for National Guard

Benefits for National Guard members vary widely from state to state.


College Students Want Their Money Back. It’ll Be Tough to Get It.

There are at least 100 closure-related suits filed against colleges and universities in federal and state courts.


14-Day Quarantine Complicates Tourist Rentals

Thirty states, from Maine to Montana, have instituted either a mandatory or recommended 14-day quarantine for visitors.


Scratch-Off Lottery Sales Soar

The sales are a rare bright spot for state budgets.