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Gary Shapiro

Gary  Shapiro
Emerging Tech

Don’t Be Afraid of a Cashless Future

COMMENTARY | City ordinances requiring businesses to accept cash payments to protect the poor are missing the larger picture.

Digital Government

A Patchwork of Privacy Laws Will Stifle Innovation

COMMENTARY | The president of the Consumer Technology Association says California's privacy law—along with proposed legislation in Washington state and Massachusetts—will create a tangle of rules that "stifle competition and choke small businesses."

Digital Government

The Importance of Bringing Broadband to the Heartland

Only ubiquitous connectivity will unleash the economic potential of rural America.


A How-To Guide for States to Spark Innovation

California may be home to Silicon Valley, but more and more states are not only actively encouraging homegrown entrepreneurs, they’re proactively seeking innovators who can make a difference in our everyday lives and that state’s bottom line.