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Greg Crowe

Greg Crowe is a former GCN staff writer who covered mobile technology.
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5 tablets to tackle government work

No matter their intended purpose, there are some features of the tablet form factor that every agency needs to consider. We take a look at five models — the Apple iPad, Dell Latitude 10 Enhanced Security, Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet2, Microsoft Surface Pro and Panasonic ToughPad — and see how their features match up with agency needs.

Digital Government

Tablets for government: Panasonic ToughPad FZ-G1

Panasonic's ToughPad FZ-G1 is a Windows 8 Pro tablet rugged enough to be used in practically any environment. But when multiple options are in use, its power consumption might be an issue.

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Tablets for government: Apple iPad

The iPad's bright display and long battery life may not compensate for its limited processing power and number of ports.


Tablets for government: Dell Latitude 10 Enhanced Security

The Latitude's user authentication features will please admins, but users won't love the limited battery power.

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Tablets for government: Surface Pro from Microsoft

The Surface Pro from Microsoft could be a popular choice among government IT administrators, given its large, clear display and processing power. But its larger size and weight might make it less popular among some end users.

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Tablets for government: Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2

Lenovo's ThinkPad Tablet 2 is a Windows 8 Pro tablet with good battery performance well-suited to the agency user who needs a near-desktop experience while operating remotely. But its prior-version USB port might be a hindrance to those using many newer peripherals.

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Call ahead: The next 5 years of mobile computing

Mobile technology has changed a lot in the past 30 years. It may change even more in the next five.

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Ultra-rugged tablet, with CAC reader, ready for the field

Xplore's newest model stands up to just about any military test for ruggedness, and it exceeds the specifications in some areas.


Net App Connect provides a secure platform for BYOD

Connect lets users view, work with and share information while it stays safely behind the network firewall.


NASCIO site puts states' mobile apps in one place

The State Mobile Apps Catalog can help states find ideas for developing their own apps.

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App company brings collaboration to BlackBerry 10

The company's app for BlackBerry gives users full Office 365 and on-premise SharePoint functionality.


Print2Cloud247 offers secure mobile printing on any printer

The company's Universal Cloud Release Station, on display at FOSE, can be tied to a PIV of CAC card.

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Lightweight KVM console is tough enough for the road, too

ATEN's CL3000N fits into a 1U rack-mountable housing and is MIL-STD 810G-certified for vibrations.


iOS 6 for iPhones, iPads gets FIPS 140-2 certification

NIST adds the Apple iOS CoreCrypto Kernel Module v3.0 to its Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) certification list.

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FCC puts browsers on the accessibility page

The commission updates its rules to ensure browsers are accessible to people with disabilities.

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The meaning of 'rugged': 8 tests behind MIL-STD ratings

The U.S. Military Standard (MIL-STD) 810 tests are designed to let users know how equipment will perform in harsh environments. Here are the eight tests most commonly applied to computing devices.


3 agencies whose telework programs showed 'tele-vision'

The Mobile Work Exchange recently announced the recipients of the group's 2013 Tele-Vision Awards.

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DOD OKs BlackBerry, Android devices, expanding its mobile options

The department approves Security Technical Implementation Guides for BlackBerry smart phones and tablets with BES 10, along with Samsung's Android Knox.

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DARPA looks way outside the box for mobile on-the-fly networks

The agency wants "revolutionary ideas" on getting past IP for a mobile network that could scale to a thousand nodes.

Emerging Tech

World's first Braille smart phone will soon be a reality

A developer in India has produced a mobile device for the visually impaired that expands the range of mobile accessibility.