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Harrison Cann

Digital Government

The Keystone State partners with OpenAI for first-in-nation AI pilot

Led by Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro, staff in the Office of Administration will use the AI tools to create and edit copy, update policy language, draft job descriptions and help employees write code.


Pennsylvania’s election audit starts with a roll of the dice

Department of State officials rolled ten-sided dice to generate a seed number needed for risk limiting audits.

Emerging Tech

Ending the deepfake threat to elections before it starts

Officials try to get ahead of misinformation created by AI before the 2024 elections.


Who’s Running for Mayor in Philadelphia?

In one of the most anticipated mayoral races in years, several of Philadelphia’s highest-profile politicos are resigning from their current positions and throwing their hats in the ring.


Two Legislators Want to Audit Their State's Professional Sports Stadiums

They say the move would reveal the true value of the facilities and teams for taxpayers.


Lawmakers in One State Weigh Payouts for Those Wrongly Convicted

A bipartisan Pennsylvania bill would award damages to individuals based on the number of years they spent incarcerated.


Philadelphia Mayor's Ban on Guns in Parks and Rec Centers Criticized as ‘Meaningless’

Critics question whether Mayor Jim Kenney's executive order can be effective given state firearms laws. It comes after a parks and recreation worker was struck by a stray bullet and killed.

Digital Government

How Local Governments Are Handling a Threat They Can’t See

The proliferation of cyberattacks has prompted Pennsylvania municipalities to take extra steps to secure their systems. Here's what they're doing.

Digital Government

A State Turns to Its National Guard to Provide Cybersecurity Training to Local Governments

"We don’t know how many times we’ve been intruded in the cyber space," says one of the lawmakers who backed the move.


In Pennsylvania, GOP State Lawmakers Look to Impeach Philadelphia District Attorney

Republicans in Harrisburg say crime goes “unchecked” under Larry Krasner, the city’s progressive top prosecutor


Cities and Towns Across This State are Electing Female Mayors at Record Rates

From Scranton to Harrisburg, Upper Darby to Gettysburg, and in burgs across Pennsylvania, women aren’t just getting a seat at the table—more often, they can now be found at its head.


Pennsylvania Senate Leader Proposes Lowering Gas Tax by One-third Through 2022

Politicians in the state from both parties are pushing to lower the price at the pump.


Are Venmo and PayPal the Future of Turnpike Tolling?

The use of physical money is less and less these days, and one state senator wants to help the Pennsylvania Turnpike keep up with the times.


First-time Mayors Elected in Major Pennsylvania Cities

Democratic candidates in Pittsburgh, Harrisburg and Allentown supplied significant wins for their party. Plus, Pittsburgh has its first Black mayor and Allentown its first Latino leader.