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Heather Timmons

Heather Timmons is the Asia Correspondent for Quartz, based in Hong Kong, where she writes about everything from ramen to derivatives to censorship. Previously she spent 10 years with The New York Times in London and New Delhi, where she covered finance and markets and the Indian economy. She co-founded and ran India Ink, the NYT's first-ever country specific news journal, which provides in-depth news and analysis of the world’s largest democracy and of India’s global diaspora. Before the Times, Heather was the banking editor at BusinessWeek in New York, where she covered the perils of the big bank business model and the danger of banks’ expansion into risky lending, corruption on Wall Street, and a post-9/11 city. She began writing about banking and finance as a reporter with the Daily Deal and American Banker.

Trump’s Trade Tariffs May Cause 146,000 Job Losses in the U.S.

Tariffs might protect some jobs in the U.S. steel industry, but far fewer than the number of jobs that will be lost. Here's where the impacts will be felt.


The Obscure Tax Rule That’s Stopping U.S. States From Paying Teachers More

Supermajority tax measures have been pushed since the 1990s by deep-pocketed lobbying groups.


Trump’s Budget Cuts Could Make N.Y.C. Commuters Even More Vulnerable to Attacks

The White House has proposed a budget that slashes funds from some Homeland Security anti-terrorism programs in order to fund a border wall with Mexico.


How a Florida Police Chief Broke Major U.S. Diplomatic News

Normally, Washington and Beijing would announce a meeting between the two top leaders simultaneously, a way for both governments to make a display of mutual respect. This time, a local cop played a role.