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Jack Gillum

Jack Gillum is a senior reporter at ProPublica.

America’s drinking water is surprisingly easy to poison

Experts say the sorts of rudimentary vulnerabilities revealed in the cyberbreach at a water treatment plant in Florida -- including the lack of an internet firewall and the use of shared passwords and outdated software -- are common among America’s 151,000 public water systems.


The U.S. spent $2.2 million on a cybersecurity system that wasn’t implemented — and might have stopped a major hack

A cybersecurity system called in-toto, which the government paid to develop but never required, might have protected against the SolarWinds hack.


Foreign hackers cripple Texas county’s email system, raising election security concerns

The malware attack, which sent fake email replies to voters and businesses, spotlights an overlooked vulnerability in counties that don’t follow best practices for computer security.


Some election-related websites still run on vulnerable software older than many high schoolers

Websites in dozens of towns and counties voting on Super Tuesday have security weaknesses. Richmond, Va., still uses software from 2003.


The Iowa caucuses app had another problem: It could have been hacked

While there is no evidence hackers intercepted or tampered with the results, a security firm consulted by ProPublica found that the app lacks key safeguards.


The overlooked weak link in election security

More than one-third of counties overseeing toss-up congressional elections have email systems that could be vulnerable to hacking, a ProPublica survey finds.